Top 10 YouTubers with most subscribers 2021

So many persons ask “is it possible to make money off of YouTube? Is it really a serious career” well you have to be living under a rock to even be asking that question, wait until you see the youtubers with most subscribers.

A platform that gathers over 5billion views per day, YouTube is a gold mine, not only as a hobby but also as a full time career for people daring enough to tap into it’s potential.

Without wasting too much time, let’s dive right in

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10. Jeffrey Star

Youtubers with most subscribers

Earnings: $17 million
Subscribers: 17.1 million

While he makes a lot of money from YouTube, he is also multi talented and a jack of all trades from being a recognized songwriter, dj and model, there really isn’t much he isn’t good at and YouTube seems to be his Forte.

His channel consists of all things makeup, brand reviews, tutorials and crazy challenges, he’s basically a beauty guru due to the fact that he has started his very own makeup line called Jeffery star cosmetics which has really kicked off the ground and is already making him some cash too.

9. Logan Paul

Youtubers with most subscribers

Earnings: $14.5 million
Subscribers: 20.1 million

Logan Paul can’t actually be classified as a bad YouTuber but his contents are quite mediocre if you ask me. His increase in fame was as a result of another bad decision and a show of immaturity which happens to involve suicide, let me explain.

In Japan, there is a forest where a lot of persons go to commit suicide and that’s precisely where he chose to base his next video. He went to where a body was hanging from a tree and then started making jokes about the body, suicide really isn’t the best idea but didn’t the body deserve some respect?

Paul got called out and heavily criticized for his bad sense of humour and immaturity and was also attacked by fans who deemed the behavior unacceptable.

He was even severely punished by YouTube, you can read the full details about the Logan Paul scandal and the punishments he received here even though surprisingly his fan base grew much bigger. At this point, I don’t think karma is real.

He however apologized to viewers eventually.

8. DanTDM

Youtubers with most subscribers

Earnings: $16.5 million
Subscribers: 21 million

Whoever on Earth said playing games all day while streaming it on YouTube was a waste of time should look at the numbers above.

This man happened to be the richest YouTuber once upon a time and we all think we know why, he has gotten a lot of views from mine craft videos and since he already had an establishment in the past, firms are willing to pay him a lot to have their ads and placements on his videos which have an average of 4.8million views.

YouTube really isn’t a side job he does but a full on career he tackles head on. Though he also gets some more money from adverts and merchandise.

7. Shane Dawson

Youtubers with most subscribersEarnings $12million (23million subscribers)

Shane Dawson started YouTube a long time ago, like, since 2008, making him one of the pioneers. He has gathered over 23million subscribers and has gotten over 5billion views.

His channel is dedicated to conspiracy theories though he also makes money from selling books and other merchandise.

6. Ryan’s World

Youtubers with most subscribersEarnings: $26million (23.3million subscribers)

It’s extremely amazing and at thesame time unbelievable how an 8yr old would be able to gather that much fan base. Also subscribers and above all money, infact, he is the highest paid YouTuber on this list.

In his channel, he is clearly seen unpacking toys and playing with them, talk about getting paid to have fun. One of his videos hit a staggering 1.9billion views, and I’m not even kidding.

Major toy companies have noticed his charisma and his fame and decided to bombard him with sponsorships. He even creates animated videos for kids; what an entrepreneur!

5. Vanoss Gaming

Youtubers with most subscribers

Earnings: $15.5 million
Subscribers: 24 million

Here’s another solid example of how gaming as a career really isn’t a waste of time. When you do it right that is. Although he doesn’t really focus his channel on one particularly kind of game like Daniel does, his viewers and subscribers seem to enjoy the diversity in his choices.

Since Gaming niche is already seemingly oversaturated, one has to stand out of the crowd in anyway possible and that’s what he’s done through his advanced and unique video editing style which continues to leave his fans begging for more.

4. Markiplier

Youtubers with most subscribers

Earnings: $13 million
Subscribers: 25.7 million

This is another video game YouTuber who is also making it big for himself by streaming his games live on YouTube.

His games however are mostly if not entirely about horror and there also seems to be a lot of curses and swear words used in his videos so this is not an ideal channel for kids or anyone who is really sensitive to words.

Apart from being one of the top YouTubers in 2019, he has also engaged in voice acting many TV shows.

3. Nastya

Top 10 YouTubers with most subscribers 2021Earnings: $18million (44.3 million subscribers)

It just seems like the wave of child YouTubers isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

Unlike her male counterpart whose channel is dedicated to unpacking toys and playing with them and also animations, this little girl has a channel that is all about filming her lifestyle and activities like going to birthday parties, beaches, wearing Halloween costumes for Halloween parties and so on.

She wouldn’t really have been well known in the YouTube business if not for her father who happens to be a well beloved Russian American, the two of them make a lovely vlog together.

2. Dude Perfect

10 Richest YouTubers of 2020Earnings: $20million (51million subscribers)

Yh, i kinda thought dude Perfect was well, just one perfect dude but I was wrong. It’s actually 5 persons.

 They base their YouTube channel on sports and games and are loved by many due to their sense of humor and their sports prowess. Also, they even have their Mobile App which has racked a lot of downloads.

All these combined with mega sponsorships and support from major institutions bring them that staggering amount of money but they still make most of the money from ads

1. PewDiePie

Top 10 YouTubers with most subscribers 2021

Earnings: $15.5 million
Subscribers: 102 million

Although he’s not the highest paid YouTuber on this list and in the world, he happens to have the highest number of subscribers in the world too, I mean, look at those figures and he has been able to retain that position for a whole 5years.

There seems to be no signs of giving up, even though for some time his income has been showing some unfortunate signs of a decline from about $30M to where it is now.

He is known for his game commentary vlogs and although YouTube is his main and most noticed source of income, he has also published a book called “This book loves you” which has not surprisingly sold over 112,000 copies.


There you have it, the youtubers with the most subscribers. Who said YouTube was a waste of time, energy and money. Now that you’ve seen those mouth watering figures, what’s your next step? going to be?

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