How different Animals mourn their dead

While there are some Animals that are really dumb, there are also some other animals who display human – like intelligence in various aspects including emotions. Animals can feel happy, angry and surprisingly sad. Doubt me? Check out how different Animals mourn their dead

1. Crows

How different Animals mourn their dead Crows are naturally very intelligent animals and experts have noticed that there is always a strange way they behave, most especially after they witness the corpse or corpses of their fellow crows. They usually gather round in multitudes and let out very loud sounds as a form of acknowledging the fact that indeed their fellow bird has fallen.

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However, this occurrence wasn’t really taken very seriously until an experiment taken by Kaylee swift showed something truly shocking. She went to the park normally to feed the crows and this went on for some time after which she appeared on the park some other time but with a scary looking mask while holding a stuffed dead looking crow in her hands.

One crow immediately spotted her and started screaming in the usual high pitched noise and not long after, all the other crows in the area joined in the ceremony and the place became noisy. The scientist was kinda skeptical claiming that they only did that to alert all the other crows of the impending danger the scary looking villain was capable of bringing to them.

Her theory held a little water due to the fact that she came back to the scene the next day without the mask and attempted to feed them as usual but they were a lot more sceptical about eating from her. She got back again with the scary mask but without any stuffed crow but they still seemed to remember her as the killer of their brother and then started making those noises again with some even trying to attack her.

2. Langur Monkeys

How different Animals mourn their dead This species of monkeys from India were involved in an experiment and the results were shocking. Scientists created an artificial monkey which really looked like the real deal and made the eyes into cameras for video recording, They later set it on a tree branch and waited to see what would happen.

A curious monkey which was probably surprised because the new monkey was not familiar went closer to feed his curiosity and accidentally pushed it from the tree branch making it fall hard on the floor. The force of the fall and the lifeless nature of the monkey on the floor really convinced the other monkey he had killed it.

The monkey ran down the tree to where it was and held it up hoping to revive it but nothing helped, other monkeys came near it and some gave it a sniff after which they started giving each other comforting hugs to calm themselves down. Parents were even seen giving children hugs and the entire environment was saturated with grief. Will someone tell that monkey it was just an experiment or does he really have to live with the guilt of being a murderer.

3. Pilot Whales

How different Animals mourn their dead Pilot Whales are a species of whales which have a brain size that is two times that of humans even though they are not nearly as smart as we are, they also show very high levels of intelligence. Pilot Whales have a strong bond towards each other and it sometimes cost them their lives as some are known to reach the shores of oceans if their fellow whales get stuck which most of the time leads to their deaths.

Another situation that shows their high levels of intelligence is how they handle the loss of their kind. There was a situation where a whale calf died due to ocean debris, the mother kept gently stroking it and slowly pulling the corpse further into the water, clearly she couldn’t come to terms with the fact that her precious baby was never coming back and it indeed pains me to realize that it was as usual, our fault.

4. Elephants

How different Animals mourn their dead Elephants are very intelligent creatures that love to stay near their relatives and share a special bond with them by taking care of the ones that get sick and reacting to loss or death. When an elephant is lying on the floor, other elephants form a circle and try to get it on its feet, when they realize it isn’t working, they then come to terms with the fact that it’s dead and gently stroke it with their trunks while some others trumpet very loudly. After that, they begin to pour leaves on the body of the dead in turns (just like some funerals allow the family and loved ones take a scoop of sand and pour it on the casket of the dead) and then they leave the area but come back frequently to visit the graves of the deceased.

Another amazing thing is the fact that they can even react close to what was mentioned above when they notice the skeleton or bones of their dead kind. Apart from the mourning, the fact that they can recognize an elephant skeleton is a sign of their true intelligence.

5. Horses

How different Animals mourn their dead There may not be as much research done on how horses handle the loss of their loved ones primarily because they do experience loss but not usually through death but through other ways like getting sold, getting weaned, etc.

There was a situation where a mare (female horse) was in the process of giving birth but the child unfortunately got stuck halfway and though a lot of efforts were made by bystanders to savage the situation, the horse sadly died. Other horses waited for the humans to leave the scene then they went to the corpse, touched it with their nose and you could really feel the sad environment.

The leader of the group happened to be part of them so he signalled for the others that weren’t there to pay their last respects, all the horses were very quiet as each of them took turns touching her. They clearly realized that that horse was never coming back.

6. Dolphins

How different Animals mourn their dead Dolphins are usually the sweethearts of us humans due to their smartness, their friendliness, bubbly nature and personality and the fact that they are hardly any threat to us but what about how they handle grief? Dolphins have been known to support their fellow injured or weakened dolphins by giving it a little push when it’s having difficulty swimming. They have also been known to sense when a fellow dolphin is dying and can either choose to accept it or be in a state of denial like in a situation where a mother who lost her baby and kept on pushing it to the surface for days, that was a very good sign that she just couldn’t accept the fact that her baby was gone and was even trying to bring it back to life which was of course impossible.

This complex response to grief in whatever way they choose to shows that dolphins recognize the inevitable nature of death and in most cases are prepared for it.

7. Cats

How different animals mourn their dead It’s always a very terrible experience to lose your best friend and it’s even more terrible for some Animals who don’t understand death and what it signifies and this heartbreaking video tells it all.

Two cats lived together and were very close friends until one of them finally lost the battle against cancer. Instead of burying the cat and risk letting it’s friend run off to look for it, putting herself in danger, they decided to bring the corpse to the house for the cat to find out by herself. The entire incident didn’t make any sense to the confused cat, it probably had a lot going on in its mind like,” why is he so still and quiet?, I played with him a minute ago and he looked fine to me”.

It kept on circling round the dead cat and trying to revive it but it didn’t work. After trying the best in its power, the poor Kitty sat in the corner in sadness and confusion. This may go to show that while cats feel sadness, they may not understand the whole idea of death like some other more intelligent Animals.http://

I hope you’ll finally think twice about calling some animals stupid and work on how you treat them because like you, they have feelings.

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