5 Times Wild Animals Came to Humans for Help

Most animals in the wild are wary of humans and would do anything to keep a safe distance, this is usually due to the fact that they don’t trust us (would you blame them?).

However, there are times when the situation gets so critical that they choose to damn the consequences and give us a chance to prove their instincts wrong; These are 5 times Wild animals came to humans for help

1. Whale shark trapped by rope:

5 times wild animals asked humans for help In the year 2003, Joe sciberras and his friends were fishing in Australia when a whale shark swam close to their boat and laid patiently. After a while, Joe became curious and swam up to it to take a look.

To his shock, the whale shark had been caught tightly by a very strong rope. Joe then decided to cut the rope, to which the whale shark cooperated and after the rescue, the fish disappeared into the water, probably forever grateful to Joe.

The unfortunate thing is that, in as much as the whale shark was eventually rescued, the fact remains that the rope was most definitely put there by yours truly; us

2. Raven stuck with porcupine quills:

5 times wild animals asked humans for help The whole thing was posted on youtube, which got more than 5million views

The YouTuber described in 2013 that the raven perched on her fence and was squawking for close to an hour. Herself and her mom got closer and discovered that the poor thing had 3 porcupine quills stuck to a side of her face and the fourth to one of her wings.

Her mom pulled them all out and the raven chose to hang around for a day. She was gone the next day.

3. Elephant shot in the skull:

5 times wild animals asked humans for help An elephants targeted by poachers was shot in the head but was fortunately able to escape due to the fact that the bullet was centimeters too high for a kill shot.

The elephant lived with the bullet for a while but was in severe pain, so severe that he walked right up to some people (who happened to be veterinarians) to ask for assistance.

The elephant was tranquilized and an x-ray was performed, which showed a deformed bullet in his skull. He eventually had surgery where the bullet was removed from his head.

4. Leopard’s head stuck In a pot

5 times wild animals asked humans for help This leopard in india was so thirsty it decided to reach into a metal pot to get a drink. Unfortunately, it’s head got stuck in the pot and was at a huge risk of asphyxiation.

The leopard was smart enough to conserve oxygen by remaining calm, hoping to be rescued. Fortunately for him, the villagers were able to tranquilize him before carefully cutting the pot open to free him, he was later released to the wild.

5 Diver and Lemon Shark:

5 times wild animals asked humans for help Joshua Eckles, a diver from Florida was exploring the deep when a lemon shark swam up to him and nudged him. He ignored it at first but after it kept coming back, Joshua decided to take a closer look.

He found out there was a rusty hook stuck to its belly and at his second attempt, he was able to remove the hook. Joshua assured the viewers that the wounds will heal just fine on its own and that there was no cause for concern.

It never ceases to warm my heart just knowing there are times when animals summon courage to approach us, and I’m more glad to know that there are people out there who would never break their trust.

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