10 Most Hated insects

Whether or not you’re an avid Animal lover, there’s bound to be some of them you just can’t stand, from the creeping cockroaches eating through your books to the pesky mosquitoes who just won’t leave you alone, we’re bringing you the 10 most Hated insects.

1. Mosquitoes

10 Most Hated insects If you asked ten people to list the insects that annoys them the most, you’ll most likely hear a mosquito at least twice. Honestly speaking, these annoying vampires of the insect world have earned their spots on this list for a number of reasons;

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One of them is the fact that they’re always trying to stick their mouths into our skins to get a taste of that red stuff and I really don’t feel like sharing. Apart from the inconvenience and the itching, it also transmits a deadly disease known as malaria which kills millions every year.

Another reason is the high pitched sounds they make near our ears which I recently found out was due to their wings moving at high frequency and not from their mouths.

If you really hate them and want to get rid of them easily, clear up all stagnant waters from your surrounding so it’ll be difficult for them to breed.

2. Ticks

10 Most Hated insects While on the subject of blood sucking, this pesky little thing also seems to want a bit of that juicy red stuff but Ticks on the other hand,  actually consume more than mosquitoes and can cause  Anaemia and transmit Lymes disease.

When it attaches itself to you either through hugging your unkempt dog or from a very dirty environment, it stays there for as long as necessary and keeps on sucking your blood till their full and fall off,  good thing they don’t fly!

You could spot a tick by experiencing some itching and if you’re very observant, you can even see a black mole – looking thing on your skin.

3. Bed bugs

10 Most Hated insects
 There’s a reason people say “goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” and it actually has something to do with the fact it’s bite is downright painful.

These little monsters love to hide in dirty bed sheets and pillows so if you have an infestation or a bedbug problem, it’s most definitely your hygiene.

People who’s been bitten confessed that it’s a very painful feeling, strong enough to wake them from their sleep and it often leaves some unsighty spots on their skins.

4. Cockroaches

10 Most Hated insects This list won’t ever be complete without these creatures and I’ll find it hard to believe it if you haven’t at some point been extremely annoyed by them.

One of the annoying things about cockroaches is their unnecessary resilience and the simple fact that they always know how to show up in the wrong places.

Another thing people reported was the cause of their hatred is the fact that they also destroy papers and other useful documents alongside clothes.

A cause for alarm is that not only can and will cockroaches bite, they’re also very good spreaders or carriers of deadly diseases like cholera, dysentery, diarrhoea and also a few allergens.

5. Silver Fish

10 Most Hated insects Tiny holes on clothes and books are often signs of their presence and even if, contrary to popular opinion they rarely bite humans, these notorious creatures are attracted to starches and sugars which of course is found in the cellulose in books and clothes but when they become scarce, they start to feed on their own molted skin.

A major contributor to their resilience is the fact that even though there’s no food around, they can still survive for as long as a year, imagine that!

6. Termites

10 Most Hated insects There are about 3100 species of termites around and they all have one thing in common, a taste for Cellulose and if you paid attention in class you’ll realize that cellulose is very much present in wood.

Experts have stated that with regards to establishing a viable colony and society, termites are one of the most successful insects but that doesn’t in anyway concern us does it?

What concerns us is their terribly destructive behavior which involves eating our furniture and everything else wooden in our house holds. To show you how destructive these beasts are, termites have been known to cause more than $30 billion of damage around the world per year.

7. Locusts

10 Most Hated insects A lot of persons mistake the locust for a grasshopper but the difference is in its shorter horn and its solitary behavior.

However, when a serious drought occurs or a sudden increment in crop produce, they suddenly forget about their solitary behavior and gather in massive swarms wrecking havock to crops and fruits, thus causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to the unfortunate farmer.

Their swarming behavior is so powerful that when they fly, they even block light reaching the earth from the sun, surely the locust is hated well enough by everyone, but is mostly hated by farmers

8. Ants

10 Most Hated insects There are about 10,000 species of ants in the world and close to 10 trillion of them around us so even though you hate them, there’s no escaping the sight of them. Most ants don’t even care about us as we have nothing to offer them and are sometimes beneficial to us by aerating the soil and helping us spread seeds but some others are painting a very bad picture of them, like the bullet ants which are also known as the 24hr ants.

These ants deliver a very powerful sting that leaves sufferers in excruciating pain that lasts for close to 24hrs. It’s nicknamed the bullet ant because it’s sting is likened to being shot.

Another great example of terrible ants is the fire ant which also delivers doses of very painful venom when it bites its victim.

9. Assassin bug

10 Most Hated insects This bug is known for biting people on the lips like a kiss, that’s why it’s been given the name “Kissing bug”

The bite is known to transmit a deadly disease known as Chagas disease which, if not handled could lead to organ failures.

It’s generally known as assassin bug because it really takes out it’s prey like an assassin by stabbing it with its sharp mouth part, after which it eats it up and wears the skin on itself as a disguise to catch other preys.

10. Tse Tse Fly

10 most hated insects This insect transmits a pathogen known as the trypanosome which causes trypanosomiasis or sleeping sickness.

Before you go out and get these insects to handle your insomnia, it’s worth knowing that it disrupts your normal body sleeping schedule so instead of sleeping at night and staying awake during the day, you find yourself sleeping in the day and staying awake at night. Also, the sickness comes with other symptoms which are unpleasant and sleeping sickness has been known to kill half a million people in Africa each year because this insect usually thrives in rural areas.

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