12 Times animals messed with the wrong opponents

We humans settle our dispute through dialogue, court, a little rough housing and in extreme cases, war. Animals aren’t left out of this, and just the way we humans sometimes make poor judgement and go for someone twice our size, animals do so and it always turns out hilarious.

Join us as we walk you through the 12 times animals messed with the wrong opponents 

1. Tiger Vs Alligator


Tigers are Apex predators, the largest cats in the world with a bite force capable of crushing concrete. But what happens when a cat with such strength comes against an opponent with a natural body armor?

In this video, the tiger can be seen nibbling it’s way into the flesh of a seemingly unperturbed foe, I don’t know if it’s already dead but either way; this tiger is not taking any chances and isn’t letting it go. 

2. Bear Vs Bald Eagle


An eagle is a very powerful bird with an extremely advanced sense of vision and strength that can lift a young deer off the ground but there’s a limit it can go during a hunting spree and if this video dosent quite illustrate it then I don’t know what will.

I’m still confused if the eagle tried to grab it for lunch or it just wanted to annoy it because the huge guy didn’t even move a muscle. Ouch! 

3. Raccoon Vs Chimpanzee


I kinda felt sorry for the poor guy in this video, he wouldn’t have dared to enter if he wasn’t so hungry but the chimps were having non of it and decided to teach him a lesson.

The chimps grabbed it and flung it around like a rag doll until he was able to come back to himself and scurry off. He found a hole to crawl into but was immediately grabbed by one of the chimps and the rest of them took turn punching him.

He managed to survive but he most certainly left with an unbelievable story. 

4. Elephant Vs Hippo


This elephant is seen taking a drink at the drinking hole infested with hippos. There’s nothing really weird about it as hippos would normally ignore elephants which should have been the case here if this trouble maker didn’t try to be funny.

He probably wanted to be the cool Hippo in the water and prank the big guy by pulling it’s tail, the elephant gave him a series of warning by thrashing it’s tail on the water but he still kept at it until the big guy kicked the hippo, obviously he got the message and was lucky things didn’t get worse. 

5. Baboon Vs Goose


A goose is a very aggressive and territorial creature that will attack anything that intrudes not minding the size, this cheeky Baboon learned that the hard way when it ventured into goose turf and was given a not so warm welcome.

You can see clearly how the poor guy is surrounded and scratched by the birds from all angles until they decided he’d had enough to let him go. Mess with the birds, you get the claws. That Baboon had no chance. 

6. Lion Vs Elephant


A lion is a very powerful predator capable of hunting any animal out there and making a meal out of them provided they’re of the right number.

There wouldn’t have been anything special about this video because Lions hunt and kill elephants all the time but in this case the odds were deeply against the king of the jungle here, not only was the prey an adult elephant to begin with, it was only one lioness trying her luck with this beast.

I don’t know what went on in her mind, could she have been deeply desperate? or did she really not want to share her spoil. Either way; the effort was fruitless as she tried all her tricks in her book and the elephant still made a getaway.

7. Lion Vs Giraffe


Seems like this list just can’t get enough of our feline friends, that’s because their overconfidence keeps making them take opponents way bigger than them and in this case a giraffe is involved.

Of course like the elephant it wouldn’t have been a problem had he gone against it as a group but he just had to have a go on his own which wasn’t really the best idea. He tried going for the jugular but was kicked in the guts and nearly trampled upon. Giraffe one : Lion nil.

8. Goat Vs Electric Fence


If you’ve ever had any experience with an electric fence, you’ll find out it’s not something you’d want to repeat itself, neither would you wish it on anybody.

Well it’s kinda your fault you didn’t read the sign but I wish I could say thesame for that unsuspecting goat taking a quick snack which gave him a 5,000volt shock of his life (both metaphorically and literally) and sent him running at full speed to probably narrate his ordeal to his colleagues.

My first feeling was pity but I still had to resist the urge to laugh at the situation, imagine he got stuck on it.

9. Ram Vs Punching bag


Another situation of animal vs object is this angry ram going against a punching bag which to him was so much of a threat he had to take it down immediately.

We know Rams are naturally very aggressive so you can imagine the bruised ego of loosing to a punching bag, he probably couldn’t take it so he had to keep on hitting it with all he’s got with his horns.

The fight, at least what he thinks it is, goes on for quite a while with the bag hitting both his body and his pride as well.

After so many attempts at headbutting the bag, the ram comes out victorious by successfully knocking the bag out of its swing.

10. Rhino vs Hippo


Hippos may look fat and out of shape but they tend to be vicious, aggressive and quite curious too.

A rhino may look aggressive but they’re actually calm and mostly harmless but don’t think you could just go around poking them and then get away with it because you might just end up like this poor hippo who learned a little lesson in pain.

The hippo being a male tried to make passes at the female rhino but she was having non of it, it got so annoying that the entire herd chased the hippo and he had to make a hasty retreat back into the water. 

11. Cat vs alligator

12 times animals messed with the wrong opponents This standoff also gives another point to the domestic housecat for their nice show of bravery. Here, an alligator chose to mess with the wrong kitty and indeed got the paws as he took quick swipes at his face and stares him down.


This stare went on for sometime till the alligator decided he just wasnt worth it and went back into his habitat. A real win for the feline kind.

12. Lion vs Honey badger


This is a perfect example of size dosent matter as this lion took on the wrong animal for prey. Thought to be an easy meal due to its size, the lion tries to sneak up on the badger while it was digging and got the shock of its life as nothing went according to plan.

Expecting the hunting exercise to take the normal routine of reaching for the jugular, the honey badger stood it’s ground and attacked the lion back and I bet it was as shocked as the viewers, so shocked it couldn’t provide a coordinated attack and after the flop went on for quite a while, the honey badger finally escaped his reach. Wow! The boys back home would never believe this.

So there you guys have it, at least you know that animals make a heck of poor decision just the way we do and boy do they suffer the consequences too, in a quite hilarious way I might add.

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