11 Most unique bird eggs in the world

Mother Nature is by far the greatest Craftsman you could ever imagine and part of her talent clearly shows in the way she designs her eggs.

From the plain looking chicken eggs to the green Emu eggs, we’re bringing you the 11 most unique bird eggs in the world.

1. Emu Eggs

11 Most unique bird eggs in the world These eggs are laid by the Emu birds and are known to be 8 times larger than normal chicken eggs and the egg consists of about 45 percent of yolk and 55 percent white.

The eggs have a very creamy and rich taste and have always had a spot on most Australian restaurant, consequently, the cost of one Emu egg is about 30 times that of a regular chicken egg. One Emu egg is large enough to feed 3 people and bake a cake alone.

The distinct feature about this egg is the dark green color, you should also know that you can’t just take a fork and crack it into a bowl, you have to be skilled in order to open it so as to not break the shells into the yoke and make a mess

2. Ayam Cemani Eggs

11 Most unique bird eggs in the world Ayam Cemani Eggs come from a chicken that’s native to Indonesia, it was created by crossbreeding the green jungle fowl and the red jungle fowl. These fowls are so loud that they are often used in ships as foghorns, they rarely lay eggs and when they do, it’s usually one egg per week.

What makes it so distinct and unique is the fact that it’s totally black both inside and out, its egg is also totally black in color and bigger in size than a regular chicken egg. Apart from black, other colors also include light pink.

The birds lay these kinds of eggs because their bodies secrete more melanin than usual (a condition known as fibromelanosis, for the medical personnel in the house). The eggs are well sort after by Indonesians and can be more than 40 times more expensive than regular common chicken eggs.

3. Ostrich eggs

11 Most unique bird eggs in the world If you’re familiar with an ostrich, you’ll definitely know that their eggs are also going to be very large, what ever you think is the size of an ostrich egg, it’s probably quite bigger than that.

An ostrich egg weighs about 4pounds and contains about 45 percent protein and 47 percent fat which amounts to about 2,000 calories. I’m not a doctor, but i know you’re not supposed to eat that all by yourself.

Apart from the size, it tastes quite like a chicken egg and takes about 50 minutes to boil. The egg has a very hard shell that you shouldn’t expect to crack it with the sides of your bowl, infact, a small drill is used to get the shell open.

4. Guinea hen eggs

11 Most unique bird eggs in the world The guinea hen egg is laid by the guinea hen which is reared for their substantial amount of meat and their eggs, they’re also reared as a security measure to ensure they make loud noises should an intruder enter the premises.

Their eggs are quite smaller than regular chicken eggs and come in brown or cream color with some spots on it. It tastes a bit creamier than chicken eggs because their yolk concentration is higher, the color of the yolk is also more of orange than yellow and the protein is higher than chicken eggs.

Apart from those few differences, the guinea hen egg is just like a chicken egg.

5. Seagull eggs

11 Most unique bird eggs in the world Seagull eggs are a special in the UK and have been like that for over a hundred years and running. Seagulls are wild birds and I’m sure you may have been harassed at some point at the beach in your lifetime so you know it’s not going to be easy to rear them.

Since it’s not very easy to rear them, only skilled collectors can get these eggs and they look somehow green with some spots on them (if you’re interested in finding one by yourself). Also, only a few types of seagull eggs are allowed to be collected and even the seagulls you’re allowed to collect from have a limited amount of eggs you can collect at a time, which all amounts to only 33,000 being allowed to get sold per year.

Collectors can only sell them to liscenced restaurants so don’t expect to walk over to a store and ask for a seagull egg. Lastly, it could also cost as much as $15, yeah, I just thought you should know that at least.

6. Quail Eggs

11 Most unique bird eggs in the world Quail eggs are one of the smallest eggs you’ll find in a supermarket and are laid by the quail, which of course is also a very small bird.

It has a kinda whitish body and is very tasty, even though you’ll need close to 4 eggs to give you thesame quantity as a chicken egg, they are packed with essential nutrients like vitamin, protein, riboflavin, vitamin B12 and are even in some vitamin supplements.

It could be poached and scrambled like chicken eggs but you’ll have to gather a substantial amount to get something tangible.

7. Great Tinamou eggs

11 Most unique bird eggs in the world Tinamou eggs are known to have a bright shiny color and are laid by the Great Tinamou bird. These birds are from South America and can be as big as 18inches with a sharp distinct call which can be heard at night in the forest. They are usually seen moving around on the floor foraging for food because even though they have wings, they aren’t so good at flying.

They are polyandrous in nature as the females can have more than one mate while she leaves the nesting job for the males to do.

8. Guillemot Eggs

11 Most unique bird eggs in the worldGuillemot birds are a species of water birds that live in the crevices of different cliffs near the river. The eggs are light blue with some other streaks of colors along the shells.

The eggs are adapted to stay safe at heights of up to hundreds of feet (which is where the birds love to nest) through various designs like it’s unique conical shape. It’s shaped like that so that it won’t easily roll down the cliff and fall into the river which may be out of reach from the parents. The eggs also resist water and are self cleaning.

9. Cassowary eggs

11 Most unique bird eggs in the world This is probably the most beautiful egg on this list and it’s of course laid by the Southern Cassowaries.

Cassowaries are flightless large birds that are native to Australia, they have thick black feathers and a long blue colored neck with something looking like a mohawk on its head.

They are very shy birds in nature and try to stay away from humans as much as possible but when a confrontation is inevitable, they’ve been known to stab humans with their strong sharp claws to death, not a bird to mess with if you ask me.

However, the list isn’t about the birds, it’s about their eggs! What makes them so special?

When it’s time to breed, the females mate with different males and lay about 3 to 5 eggs with each of them. The eggs are a deep or sometimes light green color and are looked after by the males while the mother goes out in search of more males to mate with, the males take care of the young ones until they’re fully grown to protect themselves.

Due to the noticeable nature of the eggs, it should be an extremely easy target for predators especially for the fact that it’s not high up but really,  who’s going to take that risk? I mean, look at this video;


10. Penguin eggs

11 Most unique bird eggs in the world Penguin eggs have a pale greenish -white tint of color and are pear shaped. The eggs are 5inches long and 3inches wide respectively.

After the couple mates, the females lay the eggs and then passes it to her mate while she goes into the water, she then returns after 2 months to continue her motherly duties.

Penguin eggs were once a beloved diet in Antarctica because they could easily be stored for up to a year and are much larger than chicken eggs. The eggs are very rich in protein which is needed in that kind of cold region for increased metabolism and body heat, it’s preferably prepared by scrambling.

11. Pheasant eggs

11 Most unique bird eggs in the world Pheasants are a popular game bird with eggs that are not so easy to get; this is because they use a very deceitful technique which involves laying their eggs and leaving it in the nests of other birds like partridges so that they can help them take care of it, if you want to find their eggs, it’s not going to just show up where they are, you’ll find yourself looking for it in other nests, imagine how hard that is!

Their eggs are smaller than chicken eggs and have a shiny olive color and they lay 10 to 18 eggs during the spring in the course of a few weeks. They’re very rare but worth it if you lay your hands on them because of their creamy rich taste and nutritional value, anywhere chicken eggs can be used, pheasant eggs can be used as well but it’s preferably poached due to the size.

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