11 Biggest sea creatures ever caught

From the 2500kg Mega Sunfish, to the horrific looking African tiger fish, here are 11 biggest sea creatures ever caught.

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1. The Giant Starfish

11 Biggest sea creatures ever caughtThis one is actually very surprising, most especially because starfish are known to be quite small and cute, no wonder a lot of photo models love taking shots with this creatures when they go scuba diving, but have you seen the largest sea star ever discovered?

It was given the name “Giant sea star” (how very creative) and could be found on Rocky shores along the western coast of North America, you can also find them in British Columbia and they can measure up to 2 feet long and come in different colors like red, brown and sometimes purple.

Their size makes it difficult for them to easily be preyed on but of course they’re not ontop of the food chain, they still have some predators like sea otters and some snails that eat their larvae. They extend their stomachs to feed on prey

2. The ocean sun fish

11 biggest sea creatures ever caughtThe ocean sunfish is not only big but also the weightiest bony fish in the world weighing more than 2500kg and can reach lengths of up to 3.5m. it’s also been nicknamed Mola-Mola and you will be able to find them in the coasts of South Africa, Chile and New Zealand.

The fish is very calm and dosent pose much threats to us humans but are unfortunately quite vunnerable species and are at the verge of becoming full blown endangered species if reproductive conditions don’t improve and if the Japanese stop seeing it as a delicacy.

That’s why countries that have these creatures are placing a ban on fishing them.

3. The giant Oarfish


This snake like bony fish can be as long as 18meters, it is called by many people as the king of herring or the ribbon fish due to it’s snake-like appearance.

11 Biggest sea creatures ever caughtThe fish is known to swim sometimes horizontally and sometimes vertically, it’s a pretty big fish but can’t eat us or do us much harm, infact it always goes for very small animals like krills, very small fish and tiny squids.

It’s also become sort of a topic or reference for ancient Japanese mythology but I really don’t think it’s concerned about all the attention, all this fish wants to do is swim!

4. Great White Sharks:


Come on! Do you really think I was going to run over a list like this and not mention this monstrosity? At least unlike the ones mentioned above, this one is actually very popular among people and if you’re familiar with the movie “Jaws” then I don’t need to explain much to you.

These sharks can be as long as 7m and can weigh in more than 1000kg. The movies have already ruined it’s reputation and I must say they’re not very far from the truth because unlike the others mentioned above, this shark can kill humans effortlessly but fortunately the chances are quite slim with only 5 reported deaths every year around the world.

These monsters are apex predators which means there are quite little number of predators out there that can prey on them.

5. The Fin Whale:


This Animal is recognized as the second largest Animal in the world after the blue whale. One of them lives in the southern hemisphere while the other lives in the northern Atlantic to be precise.

Unfortunately these creatures are on the verge of extinction (much like most large whales) because of the curious nature of humans which is quite unfair because they don’t pose any threats to us on purpose, maybe except for the multiple times they hit ships by accident and cause massive train wrecks but at least they don’t do it on purpose.

Their massive size frankly discourages some predators from trying their luck which is surprising because they are calm and like most whales feed on small fishes. There’s one animal that regularly kills or preys on them and that is coming up next

6. Killer Whales:


These massive white and black predators are actually not related to whales, they’re a species of dolphins but are far from friendly and I would recommend you stay well away from them as they are known to sometimes kill for fun, imagine that!

They are strong, large apex predators and are no prey to any animal, they are known to hunt in packs so they earned the name “Wolves of the sea” Although it may kind of contradict what I said earlier but killer Whales don’t actually like attacking humans unless they are held in captivity, an example is a situation that took place in San Diego where a killer Whale killed it’s trainer and owner.

Because of that, water parks have actually stopped bringing killer Whales into their shows and in their defense, these extremely large mammals prefer it in their natural waters where they get to live freely.

7. The largest Ray Fish:


This was caught by a Thai fisherman and TV personality Jeff Corwin and it’s truly spectacular how something so big could be caught by a seemingly inneffective fishing technique as the rod and line technique but hey! You can’t argue with a big fish.

It is also believed to be the largest fish with regards to fresh water to be caught using this method. It’s 8ft wide, weighs more than 750 pounds and it’s 14feet long.

8. African Tiger Fish:

11 Biggest sea creatures ever caughtNormally, the tiger is a very large and heavy predator, it’s even been recorded as the biggest cat in the world and of course it dosent fail to represent itself in the ocean too.

Found in Africa, this fish has a very large set of teeth shaped like that of the piranhas which is one of the striking features of this creature that makes it to be likened to a tiger and it’s also quite aggressive.

It’s known to attack humans and can easily severe one’s fingers and toes with those huge long teeth. That proved no problem to a fisherman named Raymond Houthmanvho which struggled to bring a 95-97 pound specimen.

The image in comparison to the fisherman looked so striking due to the size of the fish that it was rumored to be photoshopped but fortunately it wasn’t.

9. The alligator Gar:

11 Biggest sea creatures ever caughtLike the tiger fish, the alligator gar got it’s name and likeness to an alligator due to it’s sharp pointed teeth but to me, that’s just about the only similarities because it’s snout and eye balls look very much different from the normal alligators and might i say, uglier?

John Paul Morris, an experienced fishermen caught a specimen several years ago and it was indeed the biggest Gar around. He was able to catch it not by attaching worms to a fishing line but instead used a crossbow.

When it was caught, it was eventually measured and found to weigh 230 pounds and cover a length of 8 feet.

10. The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish:


The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish also known as the hair jelly is both the biggest Jellyfish ever to exist and also the biggest Jellyfish ever to be caught. This particular specimen had a whopping 2.3m wide bell and the flowing tentacles could measure up to 120 feet and they number up to 1200 on average.

Their stings have a natural sticky ability and fortunately aren’t exactly fatal to human beings even though they are very painful, however, they are not safe for smaller fishes unfortunate enough to dare cross it’s path.

Here’s something weird to think about, one of them washed up to a beach in the US and died, after sometime it dissolved into several parts due to the sun and the dissolved parts were capable of injuring some people who went ahead to touch it. If people could be hurt by a dead one, imagine it was alive and meant to hurt them?

11. The giant Octopus:


The giant Pacific octopus armed with 8 gigantic arms is the largest species of octopus ever known to man. Although they are quite lazy hunters known to camouflage themselves and wait out unsuspecting prey, they can be very fast due to their jet propulsion system making them attain speeds of up to 40km/h. The largest giant Pacific octopus had an armspan of 30 feet and the heaviest reached record weights of up to 270kg.

Though they normally prey on small fish, one of them was actually caught preying on a small shark!

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