10 Plants you won’t believe actually exist

You would probably recognize an orange or a tomato plant at first glance which is quite understandable because it’s quite common.

These plants on the other hand look quite strange and if not for this video you’ll never believe they actually exist in real life. We’re looking at 10 Plants you won’t believe actually exist

1. Titan Arum


The Titan Arum blooms for a period of just 3days and it’s the largest branchless inflorescence plant on the planet, it’s flowers arrange in a cluster pattern around a long stem – like object.

Apart from its unappealing appearance, it also smells like rotten flesh which is quite ironic of how normal flowers are supposed to smell like.

This 3meters of Stinky wonder grows in the Newyork botanical garden even though it’s native to Indonesia, when the flower is about to die, it releases a very terrible odor before the stem – like object falls off. It is also referred to as the corpse flower and frankly, I strongly agree with that.

2. Narilatha Flower


This is a very unbelievable flower and till now I find it hard to believe that a flower shaped like a naked lady is something that actually exists.

Many versions of this exist and if you search for this picture on the internet, you’ll see so many forms of the picture which really proves that it may or may not be a real thing.

Some versions look like a real naked lady figure, some look like a fruit with a female appearance, others look very plant like.

Some people say it could be found in Sri Lanka and Thailand but if the plant actually exists, wouldn’t it be all over the news? The whole thing is just very bizarre and confusing that I get a headache just thinking about it.

What do you think? Is it a real flower or is it just Photoshop? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

3. Hot lips


These flowers found in the rain forests of central and south American regions like Ecquador, Costa Rica and Panama actually look like a puckered up pair of lips with red lipstick painted on them.

A lot of persons who saw the plant surprisingly said it looked like Angelina Jolie’s Lips, I think I’ll let you decide. This strange plant is more of a shrub than flower and is very sensitive to it’s environment so it really can’t thrive easily anywhere else.

It’s fruit are hidden in between the lips and it’s bright attractive flowers are used to attract bees and hummingbird to help in pollination. It also has medicinal purposes as the seeds are used to treat rashes and cough.

4. Snap dragon


This beautiful plant has made it’s way to people’s gardens for years for a lot of reasons including the fact that it looks like a dragon’s head when you squeeze it and kids absolutely love it.

The plants were believed by many to protect their homes from curses, witchcraft and deceit due to the fact that when it dies, its seed pod looks like a human skull, it’s also believed by many to restore beauty and youth when it is eaten.

Don’t really think it’s a good idea to go around chewing flowers looking like skulls, don’t you think?

5. Crooked Trees

http://<iframe  id="_ytid_86226"  width="708" height="398"  data-origwidth="708" data-origheight="398" src="" class="__youtube_prefs__  no-lazyload" title="YouTube player"  allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen data-no-lazy="1" data-skipgform_ajax_framebjll=""></iframe> In the year 1930, 400 pine trees were planted in the forest of  Nowe Czarnowo in North western Poland.

A pine tree is common and of no real interest but what’s fascinating is the manner with which it grows which involves it making a sharp bend to the north just after it comes out of the ground.


The tree bends for 3meters after which it continues growing straight and scientists are baffled as to why.

However, speculations have been made which includes the fact that a tool may have been used to design them like that, the trees were purposely grown like that so that their wood can easily be used to make boats and that a snowstorm could have also caused it

These speculations should be taken with a pinch of salt as the real reason could remain a mystery.

6. Venus Fly Trap


I always thought plants get their food from sunlight or at least other plants, never did it cross my mind that a plant could be a meat eater and a smart one at that.

The Venus Fly Trap spreads it’s flower to reveal it’s colorful and sweet nectar to attract insects and arachnids.

When they get in, they step on their trigger hairs which then cause the flowers to close up with the unfortunate prey trapped inside it’s surprisingly roomy enclosure which could be up to 3cm of space.

Although it’s native to north and south Carolina, there has been so much trouble to it’s natural habitat that it’s been declared extinct in some other areas of the world.

7. The flying duck

10 Plants you won't believe actually exist This one of a kind orchid is found in Australia and it’s really earned the name ” Flying duck” due to it’s shape, It was first discovered and named by Robert Brown in the year 1810.

This plant blooms between the month of September to January and can reach lengths of up to 20 inches bearing a shade of purple and red.

It’s pollination technique is quite sneaky; A pollinator gets attracted to it’s open beak shaped space and then finds it difficult to escape, while it’s struggling, the plant releases pollen grains into it and then the magic of reproduction begins.

This plant is however not for sale for house hold use as it’s been declared an endangered species due to the destruction of its habitat and the damage done to it’s pollinators.

8. Stinking Corpse Lily


This flower kinda has a similarity to the Titan Arum because of its smell and also its size with a diameter of 3.5ft, also weighing 30pounds. Lest I forget, it’s actually the largest flower in the world.

The flower is one of the major symbols of the Indonesian community as it attracts a lot of persons who pay homage to this astonishing flower.

You’re going to have to get there on time or at least plan your trip thoroughly because the flower blooms for only a few months after which it withers away and dies.

It’s pollination tactic involves attracting flies with it’s rotten meat smell thus getting them to come in contact with their pollen grains.

9. The Parrot Flower

10 Plants you won't believe actually exist The parrot flower was found in the forests of North East Asia and in the year 1889, the seeds were taken and examined by botanists.

Despite the fact that it’s been examined and studied for over a century, some of the details behind this flower remains a mystery especially it’s mode of pollination. Scientists haven’t really discovered how exactly this plant is pollinated but some theories revolve around bats and birds even though there really isn’t much evidence to back it up.

10. Rainbow Eucalyptus

10 Plants you won't believe actually exist Considered by many to be the most beautiful tree on the planet, the rainbow Eucalyptus has really lived up to its name but unless you’re a Koala, don’t even think of putting this in your mouth at all.

If the tree for any reason peels off its bark, the inner layer looks like a colorful streak produced by a painter’s stroke.

Apart from it’s beautiful appearance, the tree is also regarded as one of the fastest growing trees in the entire world.

The rainbow Eucalyptus has other functions apart from being beautiful like in the swamps of Africa, it’s planted to help absorb excess water so mosquitoes would find it difficult to breed thus reducing the spread of malaria.

This plant grows in areas where there is abundance of water and it generally thrives in the forest of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the island of the Philippines and most of all in South East Asia. The tree has also been introduced in Carlifornia, Florida and Hawaii.

That’s all for now folks, see you soon.

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