10 most powerful land animals in the world

The Animal kingdom is a constant battle ground where only the fittest can survive.
However, to prevent a particular species of Animals driving another into extinction, mother nature has equipped each and every Animal with a unique battle strategy. Some have size, speed, venom and some, intelligence.

Join us as we walk you through the 10 most powerful land Animals in the world.

10: The Elephant

10 most powerful land animals in the world

Not only is the elephant the biggest land mammal on the planet, it’s also one of the strongest, I don’t think this list would be complete without our huge friends.

An adult elephant weighs about 6tonnes which is almost three times heavier than a car. A lot of wild animals out there know this and try to keep away from its terrible stomp.

The elephant dosent always rely on its weight, especially when it’s going up against other huge and heavy opponent, what it relies on is its tusk.

An elephant’s tusk, at full length is almost the length of a human’s arm and is also very sharp, sharp enough to impale anything that dares to stand in its way.

Last on their weaponry is their muscular trunks; they don’t really use it much in fights but I thought it was worth mentioning. They use their trunks to drink water and to pluck leaves from trees to eat.

Despite all of this, the elephant is a very gentle and social giant, fortunately.


9: The polar bear

10 most powerful land animals in the world The polar bear is the largest land carnivore on the planet reaching weights of up to 450kg. They have a bite force similar to that of a grizzly bear but just a little bit higher.

They live in the cold regions like Antarctica and are protected by thick fur which also helps them blend into the thick snow. Their diet consists of mainly seals and pretty much anything chewy they can get their paws on.

8: The tiger

10 most powerful land animals in the world The tiger is the largest among the big cats and is also the strongest. Infact, a tiger would completely total a lion in a battle so I don’t really know who and on what grounds the lion was called the king of the jungle. If you have any idea, let us know in the comments section below.

These big cats have very powerful muscles and paw speed that one strike from their paw is enough to shatter a bear’s skull, believe me, I’m not exaggerating here!

They also have very powerful jaws that supports a set of fangs that are almost as long as your index finger with which they use to shatter windpipes and dislodge spine.

An Average tiger has a top speed of 35 miles per hour while the world’s fastest runner has a top speed of 28 miles per hour so you know there’s no escaping this thing.

A fully grown siberian tiger can weigh as much as 425 kg and we all know the weight of an average adult human is 75kg, you do the math.

The night vision of a tiger is 6times better than a human and they also have excellent hearing.

Last on their weaponry is their tongue; Tigers have some pointy like objects made of keratin on their tongue called papillae with which they use to lick flesh out of bones, they are the ultimate killing machine.

7: The hippo

10 most powerful land animals in the world A hippopotamus is a very unpredictable creature but very violent and powerful nonetheless.

They have been known to kill more people than lions do by chomping on them, ramming them and in some cases, impaling them with their tusks.

Their tusks are located inside their mouth and are always revealed and brandished anytime they are in any form of conflict.

A hippo’s life is a very lazy life; they spend their day chilling in the water to beat the heat, while they go on land at night where it’s cooler to look for food, by food, I mean leaves and vegetables since they happen to be herbivores.

Male hippos weigh close to 2,000 pounds and have a bite force of close to 2,000 pounds per square inch. That’s enough to bite a human in two.

6: The inland Taipan

10 most powerful land animals in the world I didn’t just want to mention snakes, that would be too vague, so I thought of telling you about the snake with the most powerful venom in the world and that is the inland Taipan.

Their venoms are so strong it can kill a human being in 45minutes. The Australian venom research unit ranked it’s venom as the top in the world, capable of killing a hundred men with just one drop, again, I’m not exaggerating.

The Taipan has a venom structure that is well adapted to take down mammals, coupled with that, they are very fast and have the ability to strike at their prey, predator or aggressor with great speeds and clinical precision, often striking more than once on a single spot.

Even with all that power, the inland Taipan is actually very calm and don’t like any form of attention, they try their best to avoid confrontations with humans and will only strike at them when they are disturbed, cornered or attacked so it’s best to just let them be, for your sake.

5: Grizzly bear:

10 most powerful land animals in the world

The grizzly bear is a very strong and intelligent Animal. It can carry weights of up to 500kg and have a powerful bite force of up to 1200 pounds per square inch.

Not only is it a master of brute strength, it also has very clever navigation skills and an excellent sense of smell, which is why, for those of you who have gone camping, there’s always an issue with trying to hide your food from them. At least they can’t climb trees.

Bears care very deeply about their families and loved ones to the point where they can risk their lives to save them, their Cubs have also been known to grieve and mourn deeply when they experience a sort of separation from their moms or when they witness their moms being killed by Animals. I guess they aren’t all that mindless afterall.

4: Anacondas:

10 most powerful land animals in the worldThe anaconda is the heaviest snake in the world and can stay underwater, which can be beneficial to its hunting.

The largest can grow up to 9m in length and can weigh as much as 250kg. They are found in the Amazon rain forest and reproduce by giving birth to their young ones alive.

Anacondas are powerful enough to take down large preys like wild pigs, capybaras and even jaguars! They don’t kill them by venom, infact, they don’t have venoms, they are Constrictors and so they kill their prey by wrapping around them and squeezing them till they stop kicking.

After which they swallow them whole and rest for weeks without needing to eat anything.

3: The gorilla

10 most powerful land animals in the world The gorilla is the largest ape on the planet and weigh close to 200kg.

They are strong, so strong they can carry weights of up to 2,000 kg, that amount of strength can uproot some trees effortlessly.

Gorillas pack a terrible punch due to the fact that they are very physically fit as a result of their style of walking known as knuckle walking.

Consequently, a gorilla is 15 times stronger than a human being and would tear him or her limb from limb. No wonder the zoo keeper didn’t let Mike Tyson wrestle a gorilla for $10,000, he would have been ripped to shreds.

Despite all of this, gorillas aren’t always aggressive to humans due to the fact that gorillas have a high level of intelligence, However, they can and will attack if they feel threatened or challenged.

2: The ox

10 most powerful land animals in the world The ox is the largest breed of cattle and also the strongest. They have been bred to pull plough and work on the field for close to 6,000 years.

They have a massive weight of about 650kg and have an incredible ability to double their weight.

An ox is the symbol of strength in a lot of places and cultures because they can work very hard and have remarkable stamina too.

1: The salt water crocodile

10 most powerful land animals in the world Salt water crocodiles are top predators, not only because they’re powerful, but also for the fact that they have very few Animals willing to make a meal out of them due to their tough skin.

You might be asking why they are on this list since they do most of their work underwater but you shouldn’t forget that crocodiles are more than capable of moving quickly on land as well, making them a perfect contender on the list.

They are excellent swimmers and have the strongest bite force on the planet, scientists even found out that they may have even had a stronger bite force than a T-Rex.


Salt water crocodiles kill their prey by waiting patiently underwater with a tiny fraction of their head still on the surface. They use this technique to eat fish and birds.

If they are in the mood for something bigger, they can wait near the bank of the river for unsuspecting animals such as deer, zebras and in some cases, small elephants to take a drink.

After they’ve locked on their target, they proceed to take a huge bite and drag it into the water to drown. To quicken the death, they go ahead to initiate the death roll. This involves biting their prey with their mouths still attached to them and then rolling very quickly to help them severe large chunks of flesh, it’s a literal blood bath. Something like this;


If you’re waiting for me to say they are quite calm despite all the power, your wrong. Crocodiles are very aggressive and will always take on any opportunity to confront a human.

Which of these animals is the strongest to you? let us hear your opinion in the comments section below.

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