10 most horrific recreational spots in the world

Most of us take vacations and trips to different average destinations like beaches, Safari, etc to relax ourselves and put our minds at ease to face our daily routine squarely when we get back to the real world, provided we have enough money.

It’s quite normal for your average Joe to pick smooth, serene and tranquil environment to put their minds at ease but there are also some people who love a good rush and opt for a not so friendly themed destination which people find scary.

We’re talking about the 10 most horrific recreational spots you’ll ever visit

1. Huashan Cliffside Path:

10 most horrific recreational spots in the worldThrill seekers make a trip to an indeed scary destination in the Hua mountain in China which was designed like that about 700 years ago.

It’s considered the most dangerous hiking trail in the world due to its relatively steep structure and the fact that it has only one safety line to protect you from a seemingly endless fall that would obviously lead to your death.

Hikers come here to boost adrenaline and seek thrill by partaking in various tasks like the plank walk which involves participants maneuvering through a very narrow plank attached to the wall of the mountain with no support from the handrail, the only thing helping you is a safety line and if that fails?

Another issue with it is the fact that it doesn’t lead to a particular room in the mountains so you have to go back thesame way you came and if you meet someone moving the opposite direction, you have to make a tricky maneuver. 

2. The 500 Foot bridge in China:

China Is home to a lot of intimidatingly high bridges including this bridge nicknamed the extreme leap which was built as an amusement park to attract tourists and thrill seekers. The bridge has a couple of steps which are spaced out a bit to enable one leap from one to another.

The person has a safety rope attached to his back obviously but that still doesn’t take away the fact that mere thinking about a 500ft fall is extremely terrifying in all aspects.

Infact, something indeed terrifying happened once, a video of a person went viral in the Chinese community, in the video, a person is seen jumping from one step to another when his safety rope snapped.


It’s as scary as it sounds but luckily he already landed on a step right after his rope snapped mid air, imagine he had missed a step and fallen? That’s how scary these things are.

The management said the video wasn’t real and was just a publicity stunt but later investigations revealed it actually happened and the park got closed down. 

3. Extreme Swings


These swings are located at an amusement park in China, they are exactly 1000 feet or 300m high.

The person is made to sit on a structure supported by another structure which is exactly 60feet high which is about the height of 6 storey buildings.

The park staff pulls the chair the person is sitting on backwards, disconnects the cable which sends him flying, well not exactly flying off the structure but flying while still attached to the structure, I think you get the idea already. 

People who want a ride on this have been known to stand in line for 4hrs but it always turns out to be worth it. 

4. Furious Baco


I know a rollercoaster dosent really seem like something strange, I mean, you probably go there every week but there’s something unique about the Spanish rollercoaster called the furious Baco which was for sometime the fastest ride in all of Europe till 2009.

Even though it lost its title, it’s still very fast and never ceases to amaze fans who go there regularly with it’s ability to accelerate from 0 to 135 in just 3seconds.

The fact that it leans at a terrifying angle and the fact that it occasionally goes into a tunnel and sometimes almost submerges itself in water makes it an unforgettable experience. 

5. Rollercoaster plus Zipline:


So a psychotic person once thought “hey! Why don’t I combine two really terrifying experiences into one? That’ll surely be enough to make people wet themselves”

And right he was. This ride actually involves a person strapped tightly to a rollercoaster-like line and is made to move around at high speeds, the difference between this and the typical rollercoaster is the absence of the carriage.

The tracks are designed to make a few bumps to send you flying a bit but you’re obviously safe, the ride is well calculated to avoid you bumping into anything and the helmet on your head adds to the protection but it’s still quite difficult to fool your brain into thinking everything is safe. 

6. Royal Rush Skycoaster:

10 most horrific recreational spots in the worldIt’s located in Colorado gorge ontop of the Arkansas river, the height of the attraction to the floor is roughly 30m while the attraction to the canyon is over 300m.

The person is taken to the highest point and unexpectedly pushed down at great speeds and while they nearly touch the ground, the safety line holds them and makes them swing at a speed of up to 80km/hr.

It may be terrifying but some people actually say it’s a less terrifying version of the conventional bungee jumping.

7. Volcano Boarding:


Everyone is familiar with surfboarding, snowboarding, etc but has anyone tried surfing down a volcano mountain? Well it’s only possible in a few places around the world like Nicaragua which is known for its beaches and volcanoes.

The mountain is more than 2,000 feet high and it can take you to speeds up to 50mph. It may sound like a disaster just waiting to happen but hundreds of thrill seekers go there on a daily basis to surf down there on their customized surf boards. 

8. The blue hole:

10 most horrific recreational spotsThis is located in Egypt, it is a Crater with a diameter of 160 feet and a depth of more than 330 feet.

It’s loved by thrill seeking divers because you can easily swim around and explore the vast depths of the ocean, it’s also been nicknamed the divers’ graveyard due to the amount of lives it has taken.

It is infact the most deadly and lethal diving spot in the world because it is more than twice the recommended depths divers should reach.

This increases the concentration of nitrogen in their blood streams and causes nerve damage and in some cases death. Also, let’s not forget about the nitrogen induced narcosis so if you really want to come here, just try to be very careful and not overdo it.

9. The world’s highest waterfall:


This is as the name goes, the world’s highest waterfall which has a staggering height of about 39m and it’s located in Mexico.

The spot is only meant for death defying, dare devil, thrill seeking kayakers which come there regularly to make a free fall and plunge themselves into the snow white water at the bottom with their kayak and a few safety equipment like a helmet and an overall.

Although nobody has actually gotten killed here, participants usually need medical attention like stitches, bandages and ice packs after this adventure. 

10. Mount Everest:

10 most horrific recreational spots in the worldThis list wont really be complete without the tallest mountain on Earth above sea level, measuring exactly 29,035 feet, the mount Everest is home to a lot of tourists who make it a mission to reach the summit and back.

It’s obviously not an easy task as climbers have to deal with extreme cold, occasional avalanches and bad weather till they end up reaching the top.

However, it’s not reaching the top that’s the real issue but coming down which is due to the fact that most of their supplies must have already run out on their way down so they get kind of stranded.

The mountain has claimed over 300 lives and no matter how skilled you are, you are always advised by authorities to never attempt climbing it. 

Which of them would you want to go? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. That photo is the ‘Blue Hole’ in Belize, NOT Egypt which I and wife have scuba dived. ‘YES,’ you can die there IF you do something VERY STUPID. But diving ANYWHERE CAN KILL YOU IF you are NOT attentive, don’t know your equipment and don’t know your limitations.

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