10 most dangerous animals in Nigeria

From the raging king of the jungle which surprisingly didn’t make the top of the list to a very cheesy entry that’ll make you roll your eyes, here are the top 10 most dangerous animals in Nigeria. (This list would be based on animals that are presently in Nigeria)

Despite the fact that some animals don’t have much records on their account, we’re going to be as objective as possible and rank the list according to the number of deaths per year but since nigeria has poor record keeping, we’re going with worldwide records.

10: The Rottweiler:

10 most dangerous animals in Nigeria I just thought I should let you pet owners know that you’re harboring the 3rd most dangerous dog in the world right at your backyard.

Rottweilers are extremely territorial and have a heavy build which makes them non hesitant when it comes to attacking intruders and sometimes even their owners. If you want to keep a rottweiler; be sure you have a very firm hand because they get carried away very easily.

Despite the fact that I said they sometimes turn on their owner, I can assure you that they are incredibly social and will never attack you if you show them affection and love.

They are also very friendly around other dogs, though the males tend to get territorial sometimes. This particular dog made the list because it’s a very popular dog breed in Nigerian homes

9: Hyenas:

10 most dangerous animals in NigeriaHyenas can be found in the northern parts of Nigeria. Don’t believe me? Ask these guys;


Hyenas are very social, intelligent, cunning and aggressive by nature. Not only are they predators, they also tend to scavenge.

Hyenas are opportunistic killers (they’ll go for the easiest kills they can find) and are known to go for (when they attack humans) mostly children, women and sick men.

Hyenas have a very strong bite force, strong enough to crush bones and their stomach acids are powerful enough to dissolve bones. They’ve also been known to eat prey while it’s still alive:

8: Puff Adder:

10 most dangerous animals in Nigeria

Of all the deaths in africa caused by snakes, the Puff Adder causes the most deaths. Their venom is strong enough to kill a fully grown human in about 30 minutes, the death is usually very painful.
The Puff Adder is given that name because of the way it inflates its body when it issues a threat.

7: Rhinos:

10 most dangerous animals in Nigeria Rhinos actually don’t give a damn about humans, they’re very calm and prefer to keep to themselves. However, they earned a spot on the list because when they attack, it’s usually very bloody. Rhinos have been known to kill about 200 people every year.

Rhinos attack by charging at perceived threats with their very sharp horns. Despite their size, it’s impossible to outrun a rhino. They have an average speed of 45-55km/h while the fastest man in the world has a top speed of 46km/hr.

6: Elephants:

10 most dangerous animals in NigeriaElephants are very intelligent creatures, infact, they’re one of the most intelligent animals in the world. With this intelligence comes the tendency to be sympathetic, friendly and caring to others which in this case, involves humans.

Elephants have been known to recognize different voices, languages and feel intense emotions but even with such intelligence, they can get very aggressive.

Elephants have been known to kill more than 200 people a year. They kill by impaling their victims with their sharp tusks or crushing them with their enormous 6tonne bodies. Elephants, like Rhinos are very fast and can outrun most people with a top speed of about 40km/h

5: Lions:

10 most dangerous animals in Nigeria Ah, the king of the Jungle! One would think it’ll make it to the top of the list but it didn’t; this is because the list is based on how many deaths per year and fortunately, Lions kill only about 300 people a year due to their very limited interaction with humans.

Lions are Apex predators. They’re also very intelligent and sociable, infact, they’re the only social big cats in the world due to the fact that they live and hunt in groups known as pride.

Most lions don’t like eating humans because they feel we’re too skinny and not worth the trouble, however, there have been some cases of man eating lions going to villages at night and eating people.

4: Nile Crocodiles:

10 most dangerous animals in NigeriaNot only are Nile Crocodiles one of the most dangerous on this list, they also happen to be the most dangerous animal in the world!

Here’s a shocking fact: you know the rottweiler right? The one on the top of this list right? If it bites you, whatever force you feel from the bite, multiply it by 15 and you’ve gotten the bite force of a Nile Crocodile.

They kill close to 450 people per year and they do so by biting the person, dragging them underwater to drown and then initiate the death toll to tear them to pieces.

3: Hippopotamus:

10 most dangerous animals in Nigeria If you want a perspective on how dangerous a hippo Is, just have it at the back of your mind that the nile crocodile is super terrified of hippos. Hippos have the strongest bite force of any herbivore with an outstanding figure of 1,800 psi. With that it could crush a fully grown crocodile in half.

Hippopotamuses kill more than 3,000 people every year!

2: Humans:

10 most dangerous animals in Nigeria
I’m sure this entry got you rolling your eyes already. As unfortunate as it sounds, one of our greatest enemies is us.

I’m sure you don’t need me to explain the wars, murders, ritualistic killings, assassinations, manslaughters, negligence, etc.

That being said, there are more than 400,000 deaths per year as a result of human actions. Lions would have probably gone extinct before they can reach that figure.

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1: Mosquitoes:

10 most dangerous animals in NigeriaI don’t think there’s anyone here that hasn’t heard of or seen these nasty annoying little buggers. However, being annoying isn’t their deadly feature; their fatal superpower lies in their ability to spread one of the most dangerous diseases of all time; Malaria.

Malaria occurs mostly in sub saharan Africa and are much more fatal to children 5 and below. There are close to 6 Million cases worldwide with over 1 Million deaths per year!

That’s all for now guys, thanks for reading


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