10 Islands you would not want to buy for any price

Getting a private island is probably a dream of so many people out there; the privacy, the luxury and the fact you don’t live near annoying neighbors. Unfortunately they cost a fortune, some reaching hundreds of millions of dollars.

However, there are 10 islands you would not want to buy for any price and this is why

1. The Poveglia Island

10 Islands you would not want to buy for any priceThis island is located off the coast of Italy near the city of venice, it spans over 70,000meters and it’s so close to Venice you could get there by a canoe.

The Island consists of many creepy buildings like an abandoned Bell tower, abandoned hospital and abandoned mental home.

Those may be creepy but not enough to prevent someone from buying the island, that’s for sure but there’s another chilling reason.

The island is said to be extremely haunted because of a range of reasons including the fact that it was used to house the victims of the plague which ravaged the middle ages. It was also converted to a mental asylum where the doctors were so cruel to their patients that one of them felt very bad for what he was made to do and then committed suicide by jumping off the Bell tower.

It was later closed down and throughout history was owned by 3 different owners, 2 out of them sold the island because they witnessed paranormal activities going on. The last owner bought it in the year 2014 for $500,000 and intended turning it into a holiday resort but the government refused it.

2. Snake Island, Brazil

10 Islands you would not want to buy for any priceAs the name goes, this island is heavily infested with snakes, a deadly species known as the golden lance head fiercely ravages the island. Able to reach lengths of about 18inches and deliver venom strong enough to kill a person in just 1hr, you’d be lucky to come out of there alive.

Just before you think you can avoid them, let me just stop you at that thought. You see; there are close to 4,000 snakes on the island which means you’d probably hear a hiss every square feet you take.

Apart from all that, it’s actually illegal to step foot on the island not just because it’s super dangerous but also because the snakes are an endangered species, the island is only open to scientists. Truly it deserves a spot on the list of islands nobody wants to buy don’t you think?

3. Isola La Gaiola, Italy

10 Islands you would not want to buy for any priceThis is a very beautiful looking island in the Mediterranean area which has very old remains dating back to the ancient Rome, it also gives you a chance to have a flawless view of the sky and ocean, sounds like the qualities of your dream Island right? Too bad it’s actually cursed.

A lot of you may not believe in curses and are in no way superstitious but at least hear me out. The first owner’s body was found wrapped up in a carpet, shortly after, his wife died due to drowning, the next owner died from a heart attack immediately after buying it, the next owner committed suicide, the next owner also committed suicide and the island was given to his nephew, the nephew died of a rare disease, another owner got bankrupt after buying it, another owner’s son was kidnapped and the most recent incident involved the owner going to prison for illegal business practices.

If that dosent say curse, nothing on this Earth can. If I had the money, I’d never buying that island even if they paid me to. This is really a good example of islands nobody wants to buy.

4. Piacabucu island, Brazil

10 Islands you would not want to buy for any priceThe picabucu island located in Brazil is surprisingly made up of more than one island, six of them to be exact.

You can get great views of the wild life and nature itself, all for the price of $79,500. It may sound like an arm and a leg but compared to the price of other islands, this is actually a sweet deal, not just that, you’re getting 6 for the price of one.

The downside is that you don’t actually buy the entirety of the land with regards to possession but a little right over the land for a period of 99years and unless you die before that time, your children can’t inherit it.

Another downside is the fact that there are some taxes which are to be paid yearly, amounting to the tunes of $805 per year. All of these conditions may be managed but here’s one that really pushes people away from making a purchase.

They are actually very far from civilization so if you want to get there, you’d have to purchase a boat or a helicopter because not even planes can land there due to it’s small size.

5. Little saint James island, USA

10 Islands you would not want to buy for any priceCelebrities and elite individuals like Stephen Hawkins, Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton have all been here and now it’s for sale to the public.

However, nobody is interested in buying this island because it once belonged to the late Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein who died in a prison located in New York. His friends were said to have done some Despicable things on the island and even if it’s valued at $65million, nobody wants to buy it.

6. Sheep Lake Island, Canada

10 Islands you would not want to buy for any priceThis island is surrounded by a thick set of trees which makes it very peaceful but it’s only located about 25miles away from a local fishing village which honestly defeats the whole purpose of buying an island, which is privacy. The cost is about $50,000 but for now, nobody seems interested.

7. Chandler Island, USA

10 Islands you would not want to buy for any priceThis island has a very sweet view of Maine and it costs about $39,000 but unlike most islands, this dosent come with houses so you will have to build your houses yourself and when the tides become very powerful, water exceeds its boundaries and floods over half of the island. Sorry Chandler, hard pass. I see why this is among the islands nobody wants to buy.

8. Mcgibbon Island

10 Islands you would not want to buy for any priceLocated in the saint John’s river in New Brunswick, Canada and it costs only $29,000 to purchase. However, the island has a bit of a water problem so it’s going to be a disaster to try to build anything on it during such periods like spring.

Also, the island is quite underdeveloped so you’ve already got your entire work cut out for you. One of the cheapest islands nobody wants to buy indeed

9. Tillamook island, USA

10 Islands you would not want to buy for any priceThis $50,000 island has been nicknamed  terrible Tilly, this island can’t technically be termed an island but rather a huge rock with a light house on it located on the coasts of Oregon was listed to be sold for up to half a million dollars for a while but nobody has ever shown interest because the island (sorry, rock) is notorious for it’s bad weather and powerful waves that sometimes climb up the island.

Also, the waters around it are very dangerous and have been known to actually claim lives.

10. Fort Caroll, Maryland, USA

10 Islands you would not want to buy for any price
This $31,500 island has some historic values but before you claim it, you have to rebuild the fort around it. The fort was actually constructed in the year 1848 to protect the city of Baltimore but all that remains of it is a wrecked hexagonal remaint.

However, a lot of businesses have tried to bring life back to the island by constructing amenities like Casino, hotels and even prison but haven’t been successful because the island is a conservationist destination for seagulls and herrings so the construction noises would likely spook the birds away.

Also, the island has been protected by a series of strict environmental laws created by the state which makes building anything there next to impossible.

Which of these islands would you manage to go to and which would you not dare step foot in? Let us know in the comments section below.

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