10 incredible animals you should know about

The animal kingdom has over 8.7million species of animals making it impossible for even the most endurant of explorers to discover them all.

We can’t show you all of them but out of the vast variety, we’ve been able to squeeze out 10 incredible animals you should know about.

10. Pink Armadillo

10 incredible animals you should know about

The pink Armadillo is a cute species of armadillo that grow to lengths of about 100mm, they are the only species of armadillo that happen to have their shells almost detached from their dorsal region.

They have sharp claws for digging and are indeed Excellent at it, they use this ability to escape predators and feed on ants by burrowing through areas that ants build their houses so they can get a very good supply of them.They have also been known to eat worms too.

Pink Fairy Armadillo are found in the dry areas of Argentina which makes the soil easier for them to dig through. They have also been listed as threatened species due to the way their habitats are usually damaged.

9. Angora rabbit

10 incredible animals you should know about

The Angora rabbit is a very cute and fluffy, infact, the fluffiest rabbit among all species and were brought by the French so they can collect their wools and make it into clothes for their Women to wear.

The American rabbit breeder Association (yes, that’s a thing) said they are divided into 4 breed; the French breed, the English breed, the giant breed and the satin breed.

The one with the softest and fluffiest fur among them all is the satin breed, the English breed can be recognized by the presence of fur on their face and ears while the giant breed is, well, giant.

China has very lax laws concerning the treatment of rabbits which makes it possible for close to 90 percent of the angora rabbit fur to come from there.

Animal rights activists have complained that the animals get very much hurt while their wool is being sheared and they are also sometimes done in conditions that don’t take the general health and well-being of the rabbits to consideration.

8. The Pacu

10 incredible animals you should know about

The Pacu are related to the piranhas and are known to thrive in fresh water. A freaky phenomenon about this fish is the fact that it has teeth that look very much like humans.

They are different from the piranhas due to the fact that they have teeth that look square and humanly while piranhas have razor sharp triangular teeth. Also, Pacus are herbivores while piranhas are carnivores.

Pacus are intelligent, so much that they make for very decent pets due to their strong memory that helps them recognize and differentiate faces and the fact that they can develop their own character as they mature. However, if you want to get one, be prepared to build a big tank because they tend to grow quite big and require a lot of space to move around.

In other words, Pacus are the opposite of goldfish.

7. The giant Isopod

10 incredible animals you should know about

Giant Isopods are sea creatures that belong to a category of crustacean known as isopods which includes crabs and shrimps. If you’re not a fan of creepy crawlies, you should really consider looking away now.

They also look like pill bugs and are often nicknamed the giant pill bugs because they can grow up to 16inches in length due to deep sea gigantism. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s the situation where crustaceans that stay very deep in the ocean turn out to be quite bigger than those who stay near the surface (similar species though).

They posses hard shells making their defense method quite straight forward.
When threatened, they make use of the segments on the shell by rolling into balls.

They are sometimes eaten boiled and mixed with rice in Taiwan restaurants and frankly, I think I’ll pass. Would you eat one? let us know in the comments section below.

6. The slow loris

10 incredible animals you should know about

The slow loris is found in South East Asia and it’s not something you should keep as a pet due to it’s teeth that contains venom, their moms also lick the fur of their young to spread the venom around their bodies as a means of protecting them from predators.

They also have a cool ability to creep very slowly and silently to avoid predators hence earning it’s name.
Slow loris are actually on a decline as regards their population because people love to keep them as pets, but before they do, they cruelly remove their teeth.

5. Hairless bear

10 incredible animals you should know about

You heard me, Hairless!
I honestly can’t imagine a bear without hair because my imagination and basically the typical imagination of most persons about a bear is a large ferocious, sharp clawed and sharp toothed animal with a lot of fur.

The bear in this case seemed to have lost all her fur while she spends her life in captivity at a German zoo. Not just her, every other bear in her enclosure are suffering from thesame condition and veterinary doctors are yet to find out why.

Some speculate that it’s a genetic condition since they are all from thesame family while others speculate that they may have caught an infection which they spread to other bears which would explain the multiple sores and rashes they have on their bodies.

Whatever the reason was, they hoped they got back to normal soon because the cold was fast approaching and a thick layer of fur is what they’ll need to protect themselves.

4. The axolotl

10 incredible animals you should know about

The axolotl, also known as the walking fish is native to Mexico and looks like it didn’t make it past the larva stage during it’s metamorphosis.

They possess gills to enable them breathe underwater and legs to help them walk on land so if you’re thinking of owning one, you’re going to have to provide both environment for it.

Also, you can’t just go to a store and ask for an axolotl. This is because they were once eaten by Mexicans and are highly sought after as pets, making their population greatly reduced.

They have one ability that puzzles scientists and might even be a breakthrough in modern day medicine. That is the ability for them to regenerate any damaged and even severed part of their bodies, even down to their internal organs.

3. The bearded vulture

10 incredible animals you should know about

The bearded vulture is a bird of prey that can be found in India, Tibet, Europe and Africa, they have a wing span of close to 5feet and can grow up to 49inches in length. They can also reach weights of up to 20 pounds.

They are known for their beard like feature on their beaks, the fact that they are the only species of vultures that aren’t bald around their head and neck area and they also have an orange color round their neck.

Like vultures, they love to scavenge and would eat birds, fish and small mammals. They try to avoid the carcass of large animals which I think may be due to the fact that they have lots of feathers around their neck so going for one would easily pick up harmful bacteria.

They have been classified as endangered species because of troubles to their habitat and the fact that they are hunted very often (don’t see why anyone would want to eat a vulture).

2. The Saharan Silver Ants

10 incredible animals you should know about

The Saharan Silver Ants are found in the Sahara desert and are known as one of the fastest ants to exist reaching speeds of about 2.2miles per hour.

It may sound pathetic but they’re ANTS, infact, if you put that into human terms, it would make a 6ft long person run as fast as over 400miles per hour.

Although they can tolerate temperatures that will be very uncomfortable to humans, they still need to get out of the sun as fast as possible which is why they’re built to go that fast.

1. The Indonesian mimic octopus

10 incredible animals you should know about

The Indonesian mimic octopus makes use of clever acting skills to it’s advantage and it’s hard not to ever expect that, being the very intelligent creatures that they are.

They were found in the Indo Pacific in the year 1998. They can grow as long as 2 feet and like other octopuses, they have the ability to change color due to the possession of pigments known as chromatophores.

They of course do it to avoid predators but unlike other octopuses, they don’t just change colors to blend into the environment, they are a little bit like shape shifters because they can change their shape and body outline to any animal that is suitable for the situation, and by suitable I mean, into animals that are the natural enemies of their attackers.


This is a very good proof of their intelligence because to do this, they’ll need to have a vast knowledge about the ocean and how the eco system in that area works.

My only question is, what exactly do they change their shape into when attacked by Man? Let me know your answers in the comments section below.

That’s all for now guys, I hope you enjoyed it. If you learned anything new today, be sure to subscribe to get notified about our latest content

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