10 Animals that really hate each other

Just the way we humans have our conflicts and differences, that’s thesame way animals have theirs to the point of not being able to stand the sight of each other and since there’s no law in the animal kingdom, in most cases, one of them doesn’t get to walk, swim or fly away to tell the story.

From an underwater warfare between dolphins and sharks to a big cat vs croc, we’re bringing you 10 Animals that really hate each other; let the match begin

1. Leopards Vs Crocs

A leopard is a very large and powerful cat able to reach up to 9ft from the tip of its nose to its tail. It has shorter legs compared to its cousins but that doesn’t affect its speed as it is able to attain speeds of up to 56km/h.

They also have the ability to climb trees which is an added advantage against crocodiles and have one of the strongest bite forces in the animal kingdom.

The crocodile on the other hand is equally a master hunter and die hard assassin of the water with tough body armor, the innate ability to camouflage, the ability to stay submerged in water for a long period of time and a stomach acid strong enough to digest rocks, oh, and not to mention their powerful jaws strong enough to break concrete.

These are both Incredible qualities from both sides but when they are in a fight, all the leopard needs to do is jump on it and bite its skull very hard and that’s just about it but if it misses, he’s not getting a do over.


2. Sharks vs Dolphins

Sharks are nearly ontop of the food chain in the ocean and have indeed earned that right. They are fast hunters and work with the element of surprise, they are also ruthless and opportunistic killers which means they will kill and eat any animal that is weakened or very young. They have even been known to regularly prey on small dolphins and also sick ones.

Dolphins may not have the powerful jaws of sharks or their ruthless temper but they have numbers. Due to the fact that dolphins are very social animals and thus make a lot of friends, they all can use their numbers to their advantage and attack the shark with their noses (snouts) which ultimately drives the shark away from them. Dolphins are also generally far faster than sharks and can easily outswim them any day.


4. Polar bears vs Walrus

A polar bear is the largest carnivore on the planet weighing about 700kg while the walrus is the largest species of seal weighing about 2,000kg.

Like the name “Carnivore” implies, polar bears are meat lovers and nothing says “Meat” more than a walrus due to up to 6inches of fat under it’s skin and layers of flesh to keep them warm.

Polar bears are very energetic and resilient hunters with razor sharp teeth to easily tear through their layers of wrinkled skin but that’s if they let them.

Walruses have been known to inflict serious injuries on polar bears with their 3foot long tusks which happen to grow throughout their lives. They detest polar bears and some quickly join in to attack a polar bear trying to eat another walrus even if the walrus is in no way related.

In this video, a hungry polar bear wanted to make an easy meal with the help of the fog due to it’s fur blending in with the environment but these walruses were having non of it as they noticed him coming and all formed a circle around him with their backs facing it so their 6inches of blubber is all the polar bear could see.

The polar bear tried all it could but just tires himself out because even if it can tear through their flesh, they just wouldn’t let him get a good grip.

The hungry bear had to call it quits and left in disappointment.


5. Hippos vs Crocodiles

Hippos and crocodiles are usually peaceful towards each other and barely get into confrontation, giving each other as much space as is needed. However, they do get into conflict in some cases like in this case where a hippo was killed and the crocodiles were about to advance towards the corpse and help themselves to it but the relatives of the corpse weren’t too sure of letting their deceased be treated like that so a battle ensued.

Other cases show up during dry season when the water starts drying up so there’s no much food to survive and enough space, in this situation, nobody is ever ready to compromise.

Although crocodiles have the strongest bite force in the animal kingdom, a hippo can actually bite a crocodile in half in just one try.


6. Honey Badger vs Killer bees

Despite the fact that it has the word “Honey” appearing first, this little, furry creature is far from sweet. Known to be the size of a small dog, the honey Badger is known to take on Animals larger and seemingly more dangerous than it is, from venomous snakes to a lion, this dude has absolutely no chill. No wonder the Guinness book of records recognized it as the bravest Animal in the animal kingdom.

The killer bees earn their reputation for being very territorial and overprotective of their hives and are known to attack Intruders with so much anger.

It’s bite dosent really hurt more than regular bees but their numbers make the difference as they have been known to take down opponents much bigger than them, even humans.

The honey badger however has a thick fur coat so their stings do them no harm and they’re also immune to a lot of venoms including the ones from their stings.


7. Spider vs Small birds

Regular garden spiders don’t stand a chance against birds due to the size difference as the birds can just peck on them as a tasty snack.

The situation however changes when much bigger monstrosities like the Goliath Bird Eating spiders come to the scene having techniques that mostly gets the birds. Growing up to 25cm from left leg to right leg, these huge spiders don’t use webs like others do, infact, what they do is much more grim.

They pounce on them and administer a neurotoxin strong enough to incapacitate them while they enjoy their tasty meal.

Another huge spider able to prey on birds is the golden orb spider which can actually spin webs tough enough to catch birds.


8. Ants vs Termites


Ants and termites have been in a state of rivalry for up to 100 million years and it all boils down to one reason “Predation”

Termites eat wood and then gain a substance known as cellulose which they breakdown to simple sugars. Ants on the other hand love to eat protein and sugars so I guess you can work the relationship.

Ants can have a colony comprising of close to a hundred million members while termites have colonies of close to a million which makes it easy for the ants to sweep into their termite hills and hit them before they even know what’s going on.

9. Mongoose vs Snakes

It’s going to take a whole lot of protection to be safe from a snake’s venom and a host of agility to avoid its sharp reflexes, luckily the mongoose has that in abundance.

Mongoose belong to a category of non discriminatory predators which means if they can kill it, they can and will eat it which in some cases involve snakes.

A snake strikes a mongoose with so much anger and agility but is quickly deflected by its thick fur and even if it manages to land a hit on the mongoose’s unprotected area, they are generally immune to snake venom.

We have receptors in our muscles that bind or attach itself to certain venoms but a mongoose’s muscle receptors block them, thus neutralising their effects, leaving the mongoose eventually chowing down on them.


10. Orcas vs great white Sharks.

Commonly known as killer Whales, Orcas are not just known to kill Great white Sharks, they’re also known to terrify them to the point where they become too scared to come back to that spot for a year.

Orcas are very intelligent and social hunters capable of preying on anything they can get their jaws on and have also been known to kill for fun sometimes.

A great white shark will in most cases kill an orca on a one on one situation but an orca pod can have up to 30 killer Whales, leaving one of the most dangerous hunters in the sea powerless.


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