10 Dangerous habits that’s slowly killing us

From the ones we already know like taking too much sugar and salt, to the surprising ones we never realized, like drinking too much water;

Here are 10 dangerous habits that’s slowly killing us

1. Stop letting your dog lick you on the face;

10 Dangerous habits that's slowly killing usThis may be a bit hard for dog owners who really have formed a strong companionship with their canine buddies but unfortunately, according to tree hugger, it is quite a habit you should get rid of because their saliva is a hot bed of bacteria which could get into orifices or even small injuries or slightly opened zits on your face.

2. Talking while eating

10 Dangerous habits that's slowly killing usThis sounds too cliche right? That’s probably why nobody takes this seriously but it’s actually one of the major causes of choking.

When you eat, your epiglottis closes your trachea and leaves only the oesophagus open so that food won’t pass into the lungs but only into the stomach.

As you talk, your epiglottis opens so the trachea will open to help you talk.

Food gets in by accident and then you find yourself gasping for air.

3. Cutting onions in half for reuse;

10 Dangerous habits that's slowly killing usOnions have many good qualities, one of them is that it absorbs and magnets bacteria from the surrounding.

Haven’t you wondered why it starts appearing black after sometime? It’s fully saturated with bacteria and when you eat it, you ingest bacteria.

4. Cold water after exercise

10 Dangerous habits that's slowly killing usAfter a long jog or a day at the gym, we might find it intuitive to take a glass of chilled water to cool off but it’s actually not healthy.

When we exercise, our body temperature is increased. Ingesting cold water causes a rapid temperature difference which can cause severe stomach aches.

5. Using our phones at low batteries;

10 Dangerous habits that's slowly killing usThat situation where we haven’t had power all day, our batteries are dying and we really need to make that emergency call so we risk it and use our phones even when it’s clearly saying we should plug it in.

Surprisingly, it’s a dangerous habit because at low batteries, the phone tries to reduce some functions including signal strength but since our service provider indicates 3 or 4g network, the phone struggles to keep up so it increases radiation by a lot.

When we put this near our ears to make calls, the radiation is led to enter our heads and cause tumors.

6. Prolonged earpiece usage;

10 Dangerous habits that's slowly killing usEveryone knows this, either by common sense or by the countless warnings our phones give us.

Please, don’t use earpiece at Max volume for long, if you must, reduce the volume

When you do so, the auditory ossicles are at constant stimulation, infact, every auditory organ is at constant stimulation thus leading to fast wear and tear.

This would eventually lead to a gradual permanent hearing loss

7.Drinking too much water;

10 Dangerous habits that's slowly killing usThis sounds counter intuitive, we’ve all been brought up to believe we can drink as much as possible on a sitting, this is not the case – I can’t stress this enough.

Some may say drink a total of 10glasses a day but it doesn’t have to be that constant, drink when you’re thirsty or when you feel like it, if you don’t want to risk it and want to keep hydrated frequently, it doesn’t have to be too much because too much water overworks the kidney and when it starts crashing and can’t work on water, it gets released into the body and leads to swelling of some parts and a disease known as hyponatremia

8. Holding it in

10 Dangerous habits that's slowly killing usThis mainly has to do with poop.

When your body finishes digestion and poop is stored in the lower end of the large intestine, decomposition starts to take place and gases like hydrogen sulphide, methane, carbon dioxide,etc are released.

That’s why the longer you hold it in, the more smelly your fart tends to be, also, apart from those gases, heavy amount of bacteria accumulates in the stool and starts making their way to the appendix.

When they fill up the place, the bag swells up and inflames leading to Appendicitis

9. Smoking;

10 Dangerous habits that's slowly killing usThis list won’t be complete without this, there’s absolutely nothing good about smoking and I cannot stress this enough.

You can and most definitely will suffer from

Oral cancer
Lung cancer
Bad breath
Tooth decay
High blood pressure
Brain damage
Visual impairment
Liver damage
Loss of appetite

These are only a few of them. This is not a no smoking campaign, you must have probably known about the dangers of smoking already.

If you need more information, Google the picture of a smoker’s lungs and see what you’re doing to yourself.

10.Drinking coffee immediately after waking up;

10 Dangerous habits that's slowly killing usIt’s a popular norm for people to grab a cup of coffee to start their day but it’s a really bad habit.

Infact, we should be mindful of what we put in our stomach early in the morning.
Things to be avoided are acidic foods like
(Orange juice, lemon juice,etc)
The best thing that should enter our bodies early in the morning is room temperature water.

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