The blue marlin fish: Worth, price, house (habitat)

Blue marlin fish

The blue marlin fish is one of the fastest fish in the world, reaching speeds of up to 35mph. It’s distributed along the tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian ocean.

Blue marlin fish are cobalt blue in color, with a white underbelly. They also have pronounced dorsal fins with a long and sharp upper jaw which they use to knife their way through schools of fishes as well as stab and injure prey.

They have very few predators due to their aggressive nature and a weapon most potential predators wouldn’t want to go up against.

The females are much larger than the males and can reach lengths of up to 14ft and weigh up to 1,800 pounds.

What does the blue marlin fish eat?

Blue marlins would prefer to eat tuna and mackerel due to them being around the warmer surface regions of the water. However, blue marlins have been known to dive deep into the ocean to catch squids.

How do they hunt?

Blue marlins hunt by stabbing and inflicting fatal injuries on their prey, often allowing them to bleed to death before eating. They love to hunt in the day.

Why are they so sought after for commercial activities?

Well, blue marlins are known to get very aggressive and would always put up a fight when hooked. Their feisty nature, alongside their tremendous weight creates a sight every sport fisher would love.

Does blue marlin fish taste good?

Some people have said that the blue marlin fish tastes a lot like tuna with the flavor a bit stronger, smoked marlin is also a delicacy around the world. Asides that, blue marlins can be eaten raw and is actually on the menu in several parts of Japan.

How much is a blue marlin fish worth?

According to CNBC reports, the blue marlin is worth about $31,000 per pound

Is the blue marlin fish endangered?

Unfortunately, blue marlins are on the list of the ocean’s threatened species due to the high demand for smoked marlin, sashimi, and the fact that some end up dying as a result of sports fishing. This is why a lot of people would encourage blue marlins to be caught and released due to their dwindling population.



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