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11 most unusual beauty standards around the world

The statement “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” could not be more correct than in these quite strange beauty traditions. From ear piercing that will make you cringe to placing jewelries on your neck to make it longer, here are the most unusual beauty standards around the world. Just keep watching, one of them is bound to give you goosebumps.

11 Yaeba


some people pay heavily to the dentist to take care of their teeth so they’ll have that perfect smile and not need braces of any kind.

What if I told you uneven teeth was highly welcome in Japan, a tradition known as Yaeba. Infact, the Japanese people go to the doctor to attach extra teeth that really stand out and look uneven, especially extra canines that look like a vampire’s.

This is done because the Japanese appreciate defects and do not really try to change anything about how they look which when you think of it, it’s quite beautiful.

10 Lip plates


Pull your lips hard with your fingers right now, it hurts right?

Well it’s nothing compared to what the serma tribe women in Ethiopia do to themselves and it’s actually a mark of prestige over there.

The women in the tribe pierce their lips and make incisions, after which, they attach large wooden plates to the lips to make it really stretch and look circular. It’s what the women do before they are about to get married as a means of identification.

It may look gross and painful but the serma women seem to adore that look. This is probably one of the most unusual beauty standards around the world. What do you think?

9. Nose jobs

11 most unusual beauty standards around the worldThis is popular among the women from Iran because they are very much obsessed with getting a perfect nose since, to them, it is a symbol of beauty.

Iran also reported having the highest number of nose surgery in the world with people paying as much as $2500 for just one nose job. The women probably do this due to the fact that their faces are mostly covered exposing their nose so, why not make it look beautiful.

The men aren’t left out of this cosmetic surgery as they too love to work on their nose because it makes them look good and also increase their social status. If you go to Iran, you might just find a couple of persons with bandages and stitches on their nose which shows you they have just undergone a nose surgery.

Do you think $2500 for a nose job is worth it? let us know in the comments section below

8 Neck rings, Myanmar


Would you place a couple of rings around your neck so they’ll become as long as a giraffe? sounds painful right? Well it is but the indigenes of a village located in Myanmar find it to be perfectly worth the trouble.

They hang the rings around the necks of the women right from when they’re as young as 5years old. They then progress to adding more rings around their necks as they grow older till they reach adult hood.

It is a sign of beauty over there but it comes with it’s disadvantages. You see, when they wear those rings, their neck muscles are stressed, strained and conditioned to be dependent on the rings around their necks and if for some reason it’s removed, their neck muscles, that have already been weakened would then collapse on itself and obstruct their air flow. This could lead to suffocation and of course death.

So if you choose to do that, there’s pretty much no turning back, I’m not trying to disrespect their tribe but is it really worth it just to look beautiful?

7 Chiselling teeth


imagine how uncomfortable it is to scratch your fingernails on a chalk board (Gosh, thinking about it gives me goosebumps already). Now imagine dentists boring holes into your teeth without anaesthesia.

This however is no issue to the Afar tribe in Ethiopia where they have their tribesmen scrape the edges of their teeth with a chisel to make it look sharper and pointier like a tiger’s canine because it makes them look beautiful.

some tribes in Indonesia do it to look angrier and more jealous while other tribes make it compulsory for their people to have their teeth chiselled because it makes them look more spiritual.

6 Pierced dimples


Some people from Thailand hold this bizarre tradition in high esteem as they ignore whatever pain it may cause them (and boy is it painful) and choose to have it pierced all the way through. The rest of the world have also adopted this strange culture.

The Thai people do it because they believe it keeps the evil spirits far away from them and different festivals are held in celebration of it.

You feel the intense energy with which they celebrate and then you know that they’re indeed happy with their choice.

5 Binding feet.

11 most unusual beauty standards around the worldhttp://

The ancient habit of binding the feet dates back to the tenth to twentieth century in China.

A lot of information may not be available as to why they did this but speculations have it that in the ancient times, Emperor Lee Yiu asked his concubine, Yong Yang to bind each of her foot with white silk so that they’ll look like the crescent lunar lotus and also, so she could dance gracefully.

Other women saw this strange practice and decided to imitate it too and in no time, feet binding became popular among women. They went everywhere with their feet bound like that. To perform in circuses, to work in the farm and to dance.

This habit was actually very much painful and always led to deformation of their feet, so much so that they had to wear special shoes In order for them to walk properly since, apart from the pain, their walking posture was also affected.

The practice went on until the year 1912 after which it was banned, however, people kept doing that to themselves until as late as the 1950s when the last company that produced those special shoes were closed down.

4 Mehndi

11 most unusual beauty standards around the worldhttp://

Mehndi is a popular practice in India which is done to the women before they are married.

It is done by a skilled artist with a tool called the hena.

The person who draws it, not only needs to be very skilled, but also in a very happy marriage so that the good luck could also be passed to the new couple.

Hena dosent really cause any allergic reactions whatsoever but the extra coloring added to it could result in skin issues like rashes, dermatitis, etc. despite the health risk involved, Hena is still very beautiful and brides to be don’t really care about the health issues. Nothing can ever stand to ruin their special day, not even skin issues.

3 Stretched ear lobes

11 most unusual beauty standards around the worldThe art of stretching the ear lobes is common among the Masai tribe in Kenya and is often a representation of ones age.

The older ones tend to have a longer and more stretched set of ear lobes while the younger ones do have shorter but also stretched out ear lobes. Each category of them stretch the lobes out with the help of rocks and sticks while they also adorn the area with jewelries.

2 Fat farms

11 most unusual beauty standards around the worldA lot of persons go on diets, eat healthy foods like salads, go to gyms and fitness programs just to avoid the dreaded phenomenon of fatness.

However, that’s not the case of the people in Mauritania which are sent to fat farms for the sole purpose of fattening them up. They don’t do much exercise (if at all they do) and are force fed up to 16,000 calories a day just so they can get really fat.

They do this because getting fat or chubby is the only way to get married since the men prefer their women fat. Also, if you happen to have stretch marks, it’s an added bonus.

What do you think? would you rather exercise and make a date with the gym? or would you rather go on a one way trip to Mauritania. Let us know in the comments section below.

1 Red hair and skin


11 most unusual beauty standards around the worldThis is practiced Among the himba people of northern Namibia love to cover themselves with a clay like, reddish substance known as Ochis which comprises of aromatic resin and fats.

They love to make themselves appear red because red is a symbolic color signifying blood and they know and acknowledge the fact that blood is indeed life.

Apart from that, they also cover themselves in such compounds because it acts as a sunscreen since the sun over there can get very hot.

This wraps up our list on the most unusual beauty standards around the world.

Which of these beauty practices shocked you the most? Which of them made you cringe? let us know in the comments section below.

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