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Things you will see for the first time in your life

Despite the fact that the internet connects the entire world and brings everything to your fingertips, there’s still a host of other Things you will see for the first time in your life right here

1. Translucent Caterpillar

Things you will see for the first time in your life This strange looking creature actually has a spot on this list due to the fact that it’s very translucent, so translucent that you can actually see it’s respiratory system react when it breathes. The Brazilian Skipper Caterpillar has that as an adaptive feature to prevent predators like birds from eating up since it makes them look like the veins of the leaves they camouflage under, this gives these freaks of nature the chance to sprout as a full grown butterfly. 

2. Fish Canon

Things you will see for the first time in your life I always wondered how fishes were moved from one particular water body to another until I realized they were packaged in a regulated water tank for days until they reached their new homes, that must have been both boring and stressful for the fish and the farmers until I came across this sweet video of people transporting a bunch of salmon through pressure tubes from one river to the other at the other side, that is; the fishes are dropped into the tubes and then bulleted through them with pressurised air over the network of roads till they reach their destination.

It must have been quite confusing for the fish or they may have even enjoyed the ride, either way; that’s the first time I did see something like that. 


3. Crystal Tears

Things you will see for the first time in your life It’s not only bizarre animals and plants we’ve never seen before, there’s also some persons with quite strange and freakish abilities like Miss Satenik Kazaryan who actually cries Crystal like substances.

Unfortunately it’s something that’s quite painful and uncomfortable when it happens and it often involved someone scooping them out of her eyes for her.

Doctors actually likened her condition to cystinosis which is the build up of crystalline substances in the eyes but the size made them push that theory aside. 

4. Cats With Thumbs

Things you will see for the first time in your life A lot of persons say cats would rule the entire world if they did have thumbs, well, look again. Bronson was born with a genetic anomaly known as polydactyl which usually causes thumbs to grow on any animal that’s really not supposed to have them, these surprisingly looks more cute than uncomfortable, shocking and freakish. 

5. Fire – Fall

Things you will see for the first time in your life Waterfalls are so popular and common that there’s really nothing so special about them but how about a fire fall? Well sorry to disappoint you, there is no fire fall. This tremendous natural phenomenon was discovered and can also be found in carlifornia’s Yosemite natural park and it’s known as the horsetail fall.

Every second week of February each year, the sun while it’s setting hits the waterfall in the right spot causing it to glow a bright golden like orange, it’s an absolute beauty to watch. Of course you’re not the only one who wants to see it, it attracts a lot of spectators so you’ll have to get there on time to view this spectacle. 

6. Airbags For Phones

Things you will see for the first time in your life These are not only surprising but are also incredibly useful as well. We’ve all had that nasty experience of dropping our phones either as a result of our absent mindedness or in utter shock and most of the time it sends us to the repair shop for a new screen or a new phone entirely.

Philip Frenzel had this in mind when he designed the mobile airbag in the year 2018 to prevent such accidents by sensing when the phone is in free fall and deploying prong like objects to cushion the effect of the fall thus saving you a couple hundreds. 

7. Snake Island

Things you will see for the first time in your life I always thought there was practically no place on Earth you could never go if you had a lot of money, however, it’s disappointing to rich people that there are actually some places they are banned from going to not even with a million dollars in their account and this particular ban is really not something anybody will argue about.

I’m talking about a dreaded island in Brazil nicknamed Snake Island which is populated by golden Lance head snakes which are actually one of the deadliest reptiles on the planet.

If you ventured there you will definitely run into one within 1 square feet and they are particularly aggressive and their venoms are evolved to be very potent and deadly which will kill you within hours, also, don’t think of finding remedy with anti venom as a lot of persons have been known to still end up dying even after taking them So unless you’re a scientist, you’ll probably only see the island on video like the one you’re looking at right now. 

8. Car Vending Machine

Things you will see for the first time in your lifeLike I said earlier it’s a vending machine that dispenses cars and not candies and cheap toys, developed by Carvana and it’s surprisingly coin operated, now now, don’t go rushing into the store hoping to win a whole car with just a coin, you have to pay for the car online and the coin is really just for formality. Also, the cars are obviously not at random, like I said earlier, you get what you pay for. 

9. City made out of ice

Things you will see for the first time in your lifeIt still beats my imagination as to how anybody is able to carve anything out of or structurally manipulate ice but it’s not impossible and you can find it at the China Harbin Ice and Snow Festival where ice sculptors from all around the world come together to create amazing works of art from ice, it’s a masterpiece to behold but the most breathtaking scene is the ice and snow city, lots and lots of ice and snow is used here and there also seems to be so many snowmen too.

What’s also amazing is the fact that it covers over 6million cubit feet of space and 8million square feet with a large castle in the center which lights up in beautiful colours.

The only downside is that since it’s ice it needs to stay very cold so yeah, the temperature over there is freezing cold. 


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  1. Re: The snakes on “Snake Island:” What can they feed on? And why would there be any living creatures besides them selves???

    1. They eat the birds that stop over at the island to rest. Their venoms are fast acting; this is to prevent the birds from flying away after being bitten

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