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8 people you won’t believe exist

I believe everyone in the world is incredible and unique in his or her own special way but we can’t forget the fact that there are just some people out there designed in such a way we can never understand. From an 80year old man who hasn’t showered in 60years to a 6year old with his back looking like that of a turtle’s, here are 8 people you won’t believe exist.

8. World’s Largest Hips

8 people you won't believe exist48 year old Mikel Rufinelli was born in America and she holds a world record for having the largest hips in the world. According to the world record academy, her hips are exactly eight feet in circumference which is obviously a result of her 420 pounds of body weight.

She is also just 5ft in length but she wasn’t always like that to begin with.

In her early 20s, Mikel was actually a normal sized woman even though she weighed slightly above average (180pounds). At age 22, the increase in size began as she added an extra 56pounds (in her defense, she did add that after she gave birth and women do add weight after they give birth).

She later added a lot more weight and developed an increase in her hips size after she had 3 more kids but the kids weren’t the only cause, she was speculated to have a medical condition known as Lipidema

7. Jose Antonio Ramirez Serrano

8 people you won't believe exist12yr old Jose (that’s how old he was when he had the condition over 5yrs ago) was suffering from a large tumor growing in a side of his neck and was also affecting some other basic functions, like his sight.

The Mexican boy was spotted at a missionary trip by members of the first baptist church of Rio Rancho who then started a fundraiser which spanned close to two years until the surgery finally commenced.

8 people you won't believe exist
The surgery was done by a team of more than 10 doctors who spent about 15hrs battling the tumor until they encountered a problem which made them unable to remove everything completely so they had to stop and let the body handle the remaining on its own.

The tumor was said to be about a foot in length and 4inches deep and wide.


6. Turtle boy

8 people you won't believe existNo, he dosent have a shell and happens to know ninjutsu like the teenage mutant ninja turtles, infact, the reality is far more unfortunate and sickening than you could imagine.

Some of us may have had a mole at some point in our lives, it may be small, huge, on our face, our back but there’s one thing they all have in common; They’re extremely annoying to look at (except you decide to attach an artificial mole, that is).

That being said, I can only imagine the horror felt by Little Didier montalvo when he realized he had a disease known as Congenital melanocytic nevus which caused a large mole to grow and ultimately cover his back, Eew!

The poor boy from Colombia was just six years old and this practically ruined his social life, by attracting negative attention from his peers who never stopped teasing him. To make matters worse, he was banned from school.

Didier was coincidentally born during the eclipse so a lot of villagers already concluded that he was a cursed boy and limited contacts with him. The giant mole wasn’t just awful to look at, it also badly affected his health and his mother couldn’t afford to pay for the required surgery.

When all hope seemed to be lost, Neil Bulstrode, a plastic surgeon from London came across the unfortunate sight and had his team fly to Bogota to help the boy.

After a few painful surgeries, the mole was eventually removed and the doctor admitted that this was indeed the worst case he had ever gotten involved in. You think that was icky? Wait until you see number 4

5. The man with no fat:

8 people you won't believe existBefore you conclude that he’s probably living the dream life, I suggest you hear me out please.

Tom Staniford is an English para cyclist born in Exeter and was declared eligible to be a para clyclist due to some health conditions like; Moderate loss of hearing to both of his ears, Very poor flexibility in his hands and legs, connective tissue disorders affecting both hands and feet and a very low amount of fat.

His body has a rare metabolic condition called MDP that prevents his skin from storing fats for future use. It’s so rare that it has only affected 8 persons throughout the entire world. He wasn’t always like this, infact, he was born a normal and healthy baby until he noticed that he was slowly losing fats around his arms, soles of his feet and stomach from the age of twelve.

Despite the condition, Tom has a degree in law, a determination to be a champion cyclist and a very supportive relationship.

4. The man who hasn’t showered in 60years

8 people you won't believe existSo you go to bed just one night and “Forgot” to take a shower, you then wake up the next morning with your body feeling quite itchy and you really think your such a pig?

I’m guessing you haven’t met 80yr old Amou haji; the man who hasn’t had a bath in 60years!
Nothing at all seems to be physically wrong with him for taking such a decision.

The 80yr old Iranian man lives alone in Dejgah village, a village in the southern Iranian province of Fars. He also said that cleanliness makes him feel very sick and then proceeds to smoking animal feces while he eats rotten animal flesh.

Amou haji adopted this lifestyle after suffering emotional setbacks as a youth and admits that the mere thought of taking a bath after all these years make him very angry. This deserves a spot among the people you won’t believe exist

3. World’s tallest Brazilian model

8 people you won't believe existBrazilian model Elisany Da Cruz Silva is the world’s tallest teen and model with a height of 6ft 8in.

She comes from salinopolis, Brazil where she was diagnosed with a form of gigantism that was caused by a tumor forming at her pituitary gland in her brain. She was eventually taken for treatment after which the doctors performed an operation to remove the growing tumor, even after that, she still kept on growing until she reached 6ft.

She unfortunately left school after some time because of the series of bullying she went through in the hands of her school mates. It was after she dropped out of school that she ran into francinaldo da Silva Carvahlo, her childhood love interest who had a height of 5 feet, four inches.

He was able to look through her towering height and see her for who she was. They officially became a couple (despite the fact that her mother wasn’t too supportive of the idea) 3 years later.

2. The smallest woman on the planet.

8 people you won't believe existJyoti Amge is a worldwide public figure featured in some horror films, a few shows and a documentary was specially made just for her.

This 27year old indian girl, I mean, woman was listed as the smallest woman alive with a height of 62cm by the Guinness book of records.

The reason behind her extremely short build rests on a rare genetic disorder known as Achondroplasia which prevents the bones from reaching their full size.


Jyoti has never at any point let this condition bring her down as she can be seen taking a lot of pictures with her (normal sized) fans and devoting her time and energy to her number one passion, acting.

1. The tallest man in the world.

8 people you won't believe existIt seems just about right to discuss the world’s tallest man right after the world’s smallest woman dosent it?

The world’s tallest man is non other than sultan kosen who has an outstanding height of 251cm which was caused by a tumor growing in his brain. This made his life very difficult so he had to quit school and work as a farmer.

The massive height makes it very difficult for him to walk so he has to use crutches which can be such a pain. It’s also difficult for him to go shopping for articles of clothing, especially shoes since his size isn’t available.

He doesn’t fit into most cars so he has to travel in large vehicles such as buses, wow, seems to be having it rough sometimes, I wonder how he sits on the toilet.

He however didn’t let this discourage him as he is really living a full life, he’s even married now.

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