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10 Dumb laws that only exist in North Korea 2021

In a country plagued with poverty, human rights violation and extreme secrecy, North Korea obviously has some unique and strange laws which the outside world would definitely deem unacceptable.

We’re counting down on the top 10 dumb  laws that only exist in North Korea. Number one would make your heart bleed.

10 Haircut laws:

10 Dumb laws that only exist in North Korea 2021In North Korea, everything seems to be controlled and censored even to the point of the haircuts.

Over there, the women may only choose between 18 government approved haircuts while the men can only choose between 10. The married women’s haircut may only be short while the unmarried may keep theirs longer.

The young men on the other hand cannot keep hair cut longer than 2 inches while the elderly may go above 2 but not more than 3 inches.

9 Statue laws:

10 Dumb laws that only exist in North Korea 2021In North Korea, their past leaders are honored by the erection of statues which are established in strategic locations, seems fair enough right? Think again.

You are allowed to take pictures of the statues but it has to be a full body shot and not just a body part. Also, you’re not allowed to ride your bicycle near any of them and motorists must reduce their speed when driving by them.

You are also not allowed to chew gum near the statue as it’s seen as utterly disrespectful to their supreme leader.

8 Singing laws:

10 Dumb laws that only exist in North Korea 2021It’s illegal to form gatherings consisting of musical groups and individual singing, infact; you’re not allowed to gather and sing at all, it’s illegal so you can kiss your karaoke parties goodbye. This is because it’s seen as disrespectful to their supreme leader.

Government may organize special musical gatherings though.

7 Generational punishment:

10 Dumb laws that only exist in North Korea 2021North Korea dosent joke with their punishment and correctional facilities because, let’s face it, that’s what makes north Korea North Korea.

Anybody who commits serious offences especially politically inclined offences can have themselves, their wives, children, grandchildren and even friends taken to their correctional camps or facilities. I think I’ve already said too much.

6 Notepads:

10 Dumb laws that only exist in North Korea 2021Almost Everytime you see a picture of Kim jong un with a bunch of people surrounding him, there’s always one thing they have in common, they always have a notepad on them.

This was a propaganda orchestrated by past leaders to show the world that whatever their supreme leader says is full of wisdom and cannot be taken with a pinch of salt at all.

5 Election laws:

10 Dumb laws that only exist in North Korea 2021A lot of persons who are quite familiar with north Korea and the oppression that plagues the nation may be tempted to ask why nobody can just vote him out of office. All I can say to that is, you can try.

This is because north Korea has a standard election system with ballot boxes and pretty much the normal workings of a simple election. You can vote for your leader of choice but there’s just one small problem; Kim jong un’s profile is the only profile on the ballot paper so, good luck with that.

4 Traffic police:

10 Dumb laws that only exist in North Korea 2021In the past, traffic used to be handled by the traffic police and other affiliated traffic agencies until they all started upgrading to the traffic lights and other automated systems.

However, Kim jong un doesn’t really see the point in erecting machines to do the work and save money. Instead, he prefers the services of the traffic police and they have to be young, beautiful women.

The role is well sought after by north korean women and so much respected that it’s the dream of most men to date a traffic police.

To ensure they are always beautiful, the government pegged the official retirement age for traffic police at 26 years. Imagine that!

3 Anti western Laws

10 Dumb laws that only exist in North Korea 2021The North Korean government are so sensitive when it comes to western influence that they’ve agreed to ban almost anything that comes from the western world because they believe it corrupts their country.

They’ve banned wearing of jeans, using of western household equipment like microwave (you’ll have to get permission to use that in your house), they banned apple products like iphone, macbook, consoles like Xbox, Play station, some luxury vehicles and a lot of other appliances a typical American would find to be basic.

The worse part is that the government officials actually have all of these and are using it with impunity. Talk about double standards.

2 Human waste fertilizer:

10 Dumb laws that only exist in North Korea 2021North Korean farmers are so poor that they have to rely on their own feces and that of other humans to fertilize their crops. It’s so bad that some of them even resort to stealing human waste from others.

This practice has its own health implications as it had its citizens at one point suffering from a ring worm outbreak.

1 Kim’s “Escort”

10 dumb laws that only exist in north KoreaIt’s not a secret that a lot of public figures and government officials engage in illicit and morally unacceptable behaviors but at least the country considers it as illegal and while a lot of them gets away with it, some are unlucky and face the wrath of the law.

However, in North Korea, kim Jong un regularly recieves the services of beautiful young women whose only Job is to satisfy his sexual urges, that’s why he’s occasionally seen surrounded by extremely beautiful women. Don’t believe me?


This dosent seem so bad except for the fact that they are usually very young and are in most cases forced out of their families and schools to serve their supreme ruler. Some of them can even be as young as 13 years old and medical check ups are done to ensure they are virgins.

That’s all on the dumb laws that only exist in North Korea

Which of these laws shocked you the most? Let us know in the comments section below and if you learned something new today, please check out our other posts.

Thank you for reading.

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