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9 most protected leaders in the world

The government owes us protection and safety as it’s our fundamental right but even at that there has to be priorities and nothing is of higher priority than our heads of state.

The heads of state or in this case presidents are our symbol of authority so they need to be protected at all cost. That being said, we’re bringing you the 9 most protected leaders in the world.

1. Kim Jong Un (North Korea)

9 most protected leaders in the world During the periods of a visit to South Korea by the North Korea president, Kim Kong Un was traveling in a flashy armored vehicle escorted by up to 10 bodyguards.

He’s certainly one of the most protected presidents in the world not because he has the most advanced technology but because he has a lot of people who are willing to risk their lives for him.

More than 15,000 bodyguards are at his disposal (obviously not all at once) and in addition to that, he has a group called the special command which numbers up to 120,000 to protect both the president himself and pyeong yang.

A lot of persons may call him paranoid but he’s not, actually, his predecessors suffered a string of assassination and let’s just say he’s not too keen on joining the family business.

2. Shinzo Abe (Japan)

9 most protected leaders in the world The Japanese prime minister travels in a convoy of heavily armored vehicle accompanied by heavily armed bodyguards.

Also, if he’s moving along a busy road, the security details literally pops their head out of the window and tells everyone around to slow down as a busy road and a heavy traffic could make him a sitting target for attacks.

Some of the roads can get narrow, so narrow that it’s usually difficult for most of his armored vehicles to pass through so to lighten his travel, fewer cars are used and the rest are made up for by a walking or running set of bodyguards.

3. Xi JinPing (China)

9 most protected leaders in the world The central security bureau of the communist party of China has the sole responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of the Chinese elites which in this case refers to the President.

The total number of employees and soldiers number up to 8,000 groups which are divided into 7 different groups all performing different functions and duties.

Some of the factors that make his guards top of the line are the strict entry criteria like physique and physical training, mental training and discipline and a good education and intellect.

The president also seems to mount stronger pressure on the guards by ensuring that they have at least 6 years of professional service, must be able to handle at least 8types of firearms and fire enemies simultaneously with both their hands.

All these are the criteria to qualify as one of his personal security detail

His guards are also heavily armed with up to 3different guns and a combat knife, they’re always ready for combat so much that if they’re on the move in they’re vehicles, the cars are always partially opened to quicken their response time.

4. The Pope (Vatican) 

9 most protected leaders in the world The pope is protected by a group called The Swiss guards and they aren’t just there to play dress up, they’re there to serve and protect the pope till the death.

The guards have to work very hard everyday most especially because the pope is a very busy and popular individual so he’s always on the move in crowded areas where an attack is very easy to execute like the attack on Pope John Paul the second in 1981.

The recent pope is even more open to the public than his predecessors so he has to be kept at close watch all the time. He moves around in a vehicle known as the pope mobil and if you want him to bless your child, you have to pass it to him through one of his bodyguards just incase a threat is concealed in the clothing like a bomb or poison gas.

The pope is known to be unpredictable and can just randomly approach an individual so you know how stressful the work of his guards are.

5. Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Turkey)

9 most protected leaders in the world The president of Turkey is very keen on ensuring a state of the art security team which includes a flashy motorcade that travels the streets at top speed providing a source of bright light for night travels, when he isn’t in his fancy car, he’s travelling in a bullet proof bus with trained snipers standing on the roof (imagine someone hits the brakes).

Also, there are snipers on ground to survey the environment and open fire just incase there’s any threat.

6. Queen Elizabeth (II)

9 most protected leaders in the world This list would never ever be complete without the legendary British Monarch Queen Elizabeth herself.

Although she’s not the ruler of great Britain, a lot of funds is dedicated to ensuring her life and the lives of other people in the Royal household is safe.

The Royal guards at Buckingham palace is responsible for this and they ensure day in day out that the queen is safe in her compound. When she’s on the move, she’s followed by a row of cars and motorcycles to ensure she’s protected and the traffic is at a free flow to prevent her from becoming a sitting target.

It’s not really a waste of money as 2 British teenagers once threw eggs at her vehicle, one hitting her car door and the other hitting her windshield (nobody was hurt and the trouble makers were arrested)

Other incident involves a person sneaking into her bedroom and watching her sleep, all of these adds up to why her security detail is quite paranoid.

7. Alpha Conde (Guinea)

9 most protected leaders in the world The list wouldn’t really be complete without at least one African president now would it?

Alpha Conde has been the president of Guinea since 2010 and an assassination attempt really got the security system so uptight.

When he’s on the move, he is clearly seen popping up his head from the roof of his car with a sense of bravery, accompanying the car is a set of motorcycles and some armored vehicle ready to jump in at any time.

8. Vladimir Putin

9 most protected leaders in the world A lot of persons love him as they claim he saved Russia during the collapse of the USSR, while for others, he is seen as a man who has done so much to cling onto power for as long as he can.

All of these varied opinions contribute to why he needs solid protection at all times.

His protection lies in the hands of the Federal Protective Services and their exact numbers are unknown although speculations may arrive at close to 50 thousand. They’ve also subdued a lot of assassination attempts at the head of states too.

From the moment he steps out of his jet, he is closely escorted by well dressed and most definitely armed men into his limousine.

When he’s on the roads, he’s escorted in his limousine by a lot of motorcycles in a road that is surprisingly sometimes free of any vehicles, the team tries to ensure everywhere is clean from threats instead of trying to keep up with the heavy traffic like some other presidents do.

Whether the zero traffic was a one time thing or his protocol, he sure is super sensitive about his security.


9. Donald Trump

9 most protected leaders in the world The President of the most powerful Nation in the world and no doubt the most powerful man alive, Donald Trump is said to have even been super sensitive about his security while he was just a billionaire and not yet elected.

He hired former secret service agents and members of the navy seal for protection.

CNN stated that before he was elected president, the security of himself and his family cost him more than 1million dollars a day! This is enough to help him hire any amount of escorts he wants.

Also, the secret service gives him and other political figures nicknames like Magnate for Trump and Muse for the first lady.

He travels in a heavily guarded limousine named the “Beast” which is made up heavy doors, waterproof sealing incase of a submergence, airtight windows and doors to prevent toxic gas from seeping in, a bomb proof body and even his personal blood bank bearing his correct blood group incase of an emergency blood transfusion.

Now that you’ve seen the protection protocols of world leaders, you decide; is it really worth it or is it grossly overpriced? Let me know in the comments section.

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