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6 Unbelievable school rules in North Korea

North Korea has, and always will be a strange and dictatorial country, and it’s no surprise that this level of tyranny would rub off on their educational system as well. Join us as we walk you through 6 Unbelievable school rules in North Korea

1. Students spend really long hours in total, learning just how great their leader is.

Unbelievable school rules in North You heard me! Students have to spend a total of about 171hrs learning (or should I say, getting brainwashed) about how great and powerful their leader is. They are taught that kim jong un’s mood can control the weather, he never poops, he invented the hamburger, he won a professional yacht race when he was just 9, he could drive at 3, and many other nonsense

If you think those are exaggerations, you’d be shocked to know that everything listed above is only a fraction of what kids are taught about their supreme leader.

2. Forced labour

Unbelievable school rules in North Students in north korea are mandated to do one form of menial labour at least twice a week in a month, it could be working in farms, mines, anything that’ll make them sweat as well as contributing to the economy.

If you think that’s bad, wait until you hear the worse part; children as young as 5 can be picked from school to do hard labor.

3. Haircut rules

Unbelievable school rules in North There’s absolutely no liberty when it comes to choosing a haircut as a student, in fact, you are only allowed to choose from a catalog of hairstyles the school recommends.

That may not sound so bad on its own, afterall, some schools in developed countries have guidelines when it comes to haircut but as expected, north korea always takes it too far, in the sense that you can’t even keep it up to a certain length!

Read more about their rules on haircut as well as other worse tyrannical laws here

4. Students must learn how to fight

Unbelievable school rules in North It’s normally compulsory for all north korean students to go into military service for a given period of time after school, as service to their nation. As a result, once a student reaches a level of maturity, he or she is to go into rigorous military training to get them prepared for the time they’ll be officially drafted.

5. The internet is limited and highly controlled

Unbelievable school rules in North Korea In North Korea, there are only 28 websites available, and those are heavily monitored as well. Websites and social media like facebook, twitter, youtube, aren’t allowed.

This heavy internet censorship is to prevent citizens from being exposed to the outside world so they won’t be able to see just how oppressed they are, because if they do, they might spark a nationwide revolution.

This also applies to their schools as well, and the internet there is much more censored because of the curious and inquisitive nature of students.

6. Snitching is heavily advised:

Unbelievable school rules in North
If anyone breaks any rule or in anyway disrespects the supreme leader, either in words or actions, students and teachers are heavily advised to report to the authorities. It’s so bad that even merely saying stuff like “I like jeans” or “I like rock and roll” could get you into trouble because it’s an offense to like anything western, and if anyone close to you says so, you have to report them!

Normally, school authorities would encourage students to snitch, afterall, encouraging students to cover up for their fellow students is very irresponsible, but north korea takes it too far and punishes any form of cover-up more severely.

With all these unbelievable rules, would you still like to go to North Korea? I know I wouldn’t. Thanks for reading

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