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5 Airplanes you won’t believe actually fly

Aeronautic engineers and manufacturers are always constantly pushing the limits to the kind of aircrafts they can breathe life into. It’s all in a bid to stand out and outdo the competition.

However, there are some that take things a bit too far and end up creating more of a spectacle than an aircraft. So unique, you’ll doubt if they can even do what planes do; fly!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at 5 Airplanes you won’t believe actually fly

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1. The Stipa Caproni:

5 Airplanes you won't believe actually fly The Stipa Caproni was invented by an Italian named Luigi Stipa in the year 1932.

The engine and the propeller were located inside the hollow main body. Stipa believed it would increase the efficiency of the engine and proceeded to send a prototype (which he called the in-tube propeller) to the aviation ministry, and as ridiculous as the aircraft looked, Caproni Aviation Corporation was approved to create it.

The body was made mostly of wood and people believed it to be the ugliest aircraft they’d ever seen, however, this design inspired the production of jet propulsion and a fraction of it’s concept is still in use today.

2. The Super Guppy

5 Airplanes you won't believe actually fly
The Super Guppy was created by Lee Mansdorf and Jack Conroy in the year 1960. It was intended to carry unusually large and heavy cargo such as rocket parts; it was supposed to help NASA!

NASA didn’t like the idea, but they were able to convince the Aerospace Program to buy the idea once they showed their invention at the Marshall space flight center in Alabama.

Eventually, in the year 1965, the Super guppy was fully invented and ready to soar the skies. The parts were from different aircrafts, for example; the wings were from a Stratocruiser, the nose from a boeing 707 jet, and the propellers from a lockheed c-130 hercules cargo plane.

The Super guppy helped the International space station move it’s heavy cargo from one place to another, and it always got the job done.

3. Short sc7 sky van

5 Airplanes you wont believe actually fly The short sc7 sky van, also known as the flying shoebox was built by an aerospace company called short brothers

Their intentions were to build a unique aircraft that could load and unload the freight much easier and faster but ended up creating this monstrosity

The flying shoebox was made entirely out of metal and although invention commenced in the year 1960, it took to the skies in the year 1963.

Engineers were contemplating on the best engine to use so they had to switch from the Turbomeca Astazou engine to TPE331 Turboprops

About 149 flying shoeboxes were produced and were used in the Argentinian Dirty war and the Falkland War. It’s still in use till this day, for skydiving though.

4. The El/M 2075 Phalcon

5 Airplanes you wont believe actually fly This plane, also known as Phalcon was invented as early as 1958 and it’s still in use till this day by Israeli and Chilean forces.

A remarkable feature most people wouldn’t miss is it’s huge nose, which happens to house it’s radar system.

The radar is capable of tracking 100 targets simultaneously and has a range of 230 miles. Out of the 500 units built, only 40 are still in existence, however, engineers are working on replicating the functionalities of the radar system in other planes; just not with the hideous looking nose.

5. The PZL M15 Belphegor

5 Airplanes you won't believe actually fly The PZL was invented by polish aerospace manufacturer; WSK PZL mielec and was meant to assist in the Soviet agricultural aviation.

The Jet was notorious for it’s deafening noise during takeoff and was only in production for 4 years (1976 to 1980) and during that period, only 175 units were produced. Not only was it one of the ugliest, it was also one of the slowest!

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