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10 Different breeds of dogs only the rich can afford

A lot of us have dogs in our houses which is fine because they’re lovable but it’s quite weird to imagine that there may be a breed of dog out there that the cost could most definitely buy your house.

Relax, we’re not trying to shatter your ego, we’re just bringing you the 10 different breeds of dogs only the rich can afford.

1. Afghan Hound

10 Different breeds of dogs only the rich can afford These breed of dogs have been bred for as long as 1,000 years ago by Afghanistan, Pakistan and northern Indian indigene. They were bred for hunting purposes like taking down large preys such as deer and in some cases leopards which they did by severing their spinal cords with their strong jaws.

Nowadays they are mostly used for fashion shows and animal beauty contests due to their long flowing silky hair which have to be brushed regularly so as to avoid getting entangled.

Getting one of these would cost you a whole $7,000 which really isn’t the end of your expenses, medical bills including cataracts removal could set you into costs reaching close to $3,000 so if you want these dogs so bad, be sure that it costs a lot of money to buy and maintain.

2. Pharaoh hound

10 Different breeds of dogs only the rich can afford The Pharaoh hound has been dated to around 3,000 BC as the breed of dogs raised by the Pharaoh due to it always appearing In ancient artworks.

However, recent analysis indicates that they may not have had such royal attachment and were used to hunt small preys such as rabbits due to it’s keen sense of sight, hearing and smell too. The dog is very athletic and have huge bursts of energy anytime you get close to it, if you really need to get your hands on these breed of dogs then you should be very ready to pay as much as $7,500 and that as usual excludes the money needed to take care of them.

3. Dogo Argentino

10 Different breeds of dogs only the rich can afford First modified in Cordoba in the year 1928, these dogs were mainly for hunting large preys like wild pigs due to their ruthless hunting style and strength. They are known for being very energetic, aggressive but sometimes make very good pets.

They do have some genetic defects like the fact that most of them are usually deaf on one ear, they are prone to hypothyroidism, getting sunburns due to their short hairs, laryngeal paralysis and some other illnesses that could send you to the vet every now and then, all those alone are the maintenance costs without adding the cost of close to $8,000 for purchase.

4. Canadian Eskimo Dogs

10 Different breeds of dogs only the rich can afford These breed of dogs were brought back from Siberia to North America over a thousand years ago and are now unfortunately facing extinction with only about 300 of them on the planet. This extreme rarity makes them very expensive as their puppies alone can cost as much as $8,750 only.

The fact that they’re rare isn’t the only reason they get so expensive, it’s actually owing to the fact that health costs can shoot up the cost of maintenance indeed.

They are prone to heat intolerance and arthritis which combined with the fact that they tend to be highly territorial makes it not too ideal as a pet, especially in families with children.

5. Rottweilers

10 Different breeds of dogs only the rich can afford Rottweilers are quite common breed of dogs and you could get a puppy for as little as $1,500 so why on Earth would it be on this list?

Well that’s because a typical rottweiler is very prone to a lot of diseases affecting dogs out there and it’s particularly prone to getting hips and joint issues which is part of what increases their insurance, setting it as high as $300 a year.

Findings have shown that if you want to maintain a rottweiler in pristine condition for up to a year then you should be ready to cough out close to $9,000 only

6. Azawakh

10 Different breeds of dogs only the rich can afford An azawakh is a lovely breed of dog that is loved by hunters due to their speed and their remarkable energy, they can run as fast as 40mph and are not very aggressive at all.

The dog is indigenous to the west African society but seems to be loved more by the European and American societies. They are about 2.5feet in height and their intimidating height will make Intruders think twice before attempting a break in, also, if you need one, you need to part with as much as $6,500 before it can set foot in your yard.

7. Samoyed

10 different breeds of dogs only the rich can afford Samoyeds are very friendly breeds of dogs which also happens to be one of the oldest dogs on the planet. The Siberians love this breed of dog because of its energy which in the past helped them to hunt for reindeers and also the fact that they are easy to work with.

These dogs are highly social and love human company which is why they sometimes sleep on thesame beds with their owners to keep them warm. This particular dog costs $8,000 to purchase which isn’t really that expensive compared to it’s value, is it? Let me know in the comments section below.

8. Lowchen

10 Different breeds of dogs only the rich can afford Nicknamed the lion dog, lowchens are a great value for your money and if you are into dog contests and want your pet to win then you should be talking about a Lowchen. In the past it was used as flea catchers and foot warmers but now it’s used as a companion dog for those who can afford it.

The rich and affluent are very big fans of this dog and it was said to have originated from France. The fact that it’s an endangered species makes it of course very expensive, up to the tune of $10,000 only.

9. Saluki

10 Different breeds of dogs only the rich can afford The saluki, also called Persian grey hound or Arabian hound is native to the Turkish area and Turkmenistan region. They are closely related to the Afghan Hound and are known as the royal Egyptian breed although other DNA tests have proven otherwise as regards their relationship with the Afghan Hound and other facts about their history.

These dogs have a very good eyesight and are patient and affectionate when dealing with their owners. They are deep chested and have very long legs The males can reach weights of about 60 pounds and reach sizes of about 26 inches. They generally cost nothing too far from $2,500.

10. Tibetan Mastiff

10 Different breeds of dogs only the rich can afford These dogs were once regarded as the Eastern dog of God and were only owned by the extremely rich. They are hardly seen out of Tibet and are the rarest breed of dogs in the world.

They were used in the past as war dogs and are rumored due to their loyalty and intelligence to be the animal reincarnation of the Tibet Monks. Their rareness alongside other heavily desired features puts them at a price tag from about $7,000 to $10,000.

However, there was a particular red Tibetan Mastiff named “big splash” which sold for a record breaking $1.5M in the year 2011. That’s the price of six Ferrari 458! Think about it.

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