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12 Moments If Not Filmed No one Would Believe

There are some moments that are so flat out outrageous and unrealistic, nobody with common sense would ever believe it. Luckily; these moments were filmed to remove any form of doubt that may find itself in your mind. 

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With that out of the way, let’s keep things moving

1. Sink Hole Magically Opening

A road surface might seem very hard and rigid but things aren’t really what it seems to be when you take a look at activities going on underneath. Sometimes, water might erode the Rocky or hard layers under the surface of the soil making it look normal on the outside but empty on the inside.

This emptiness makes it impossible to support weight on it and in most cases it gives away causing a sink hole, luckily it happens in areas where not much people or activities are but in some cases, it can happen in public places with a lot of traffic like in this chilling clip from Russia.


The scary thing is that you wouldn’t normally think about a sink hole when you are driving along the road so you can’t even prepare for it, the vehicle was on the road surface when it suddenly collapsed in on itself. Experts said it was of course a sink hole but thank goodness it wasn’t a large sinkhole. 

2. Selfie Craze

12 Moments If Not Filmed No one Would Believe Gym trainer T Siva wanted to take a selfie, probably for social media and in his wisdom, he felt the best place to take the selfie is at an MMTS train track. This took place in Hyderabad, India.

Despite the constant warnings from onlookers and the loud horn blaring from the train driver, Siva kept responding “one minute” 

As expected, the train hit him on the right side of his body and flung him away, leaving him with serious head injuries, luckily, he survived.

He was later made to appear in court where he was fined 500 rupees ($7.9)


3. Girl With Telekinesis

The video involves a school girl who got out of the school bus and was in a bit of confrontation with her school mate. None of the sides accepted a compromise and the girl on the left just won’t go down without a fight as she is seen held back by a friend.


The boy advances towards her and is pushed backwards by an invisible hand towards the bus and the girl’s Friend seemed to have something to do with it.

She also goes further to try out her powers on the other boy standing beside him which also launches him against the bus and everyone gets freaked out.

Even I still can’t believe what I saw

4. A Really Hot Bath

12 Moments If Not Filmed No one Would Believe

Have you ever jumped out of the shower because the water was a little too hot? Hot water? Try Boiling Oil.


Monks have been known to have seemingly supernatural powers and it’s all been displayed in this video where a monk comfortable sits in a bowl of boiling oil without a care in the world.

He’s even praying! I don’t really know if it was editted but it’s a really cool thing to watch. You decide 

5. Diamond Vs Water

Apart from being extremely pretty and also extremely expensive, diamonds are also known as the hardest element on the planet. It can withstand a hammer, a chainsaw and can even put up some resistance to a jack hammer but if anyone told me water could do a number on it, I would have laughed – hard!


In this video, water was placed in a nozzle and subjected to pressures of up to 60,000 PSI and in no time, the 17carat diamond succumbed to the liquid pressure. Amazing! See for yourself 

6. Talking Raven

In this video, the Raven is sort of mimicking what the lady is saying and it’s clearly doing better than a parrot.


What makes it very unique and strange is that a Raven’s vocal chords and mental coordination shouldn’t exactly allow it to talk but here it is and it doesn’t just always mimic words like the parrot does, it can also make up some words of its own like Hello or Hi.

This was actually a new discovery for science as to the hidden potentials of these birds. 

7. Laughing Bird

There are two emotional outbursts peculiar to humans and of course rare in animals; Crying and Laughing and laughing seems to be the case in this video.


Although Hyenas seem to make sounds close to it, this video shows us that the ability is more prevailent in the animal kingdom than we thought as this bird (kookaburra) seems to laugh really as similar to humans than the hyena itself.

What gives it the spot on this list is the fact that it seems to recognize when a joke is told and bursts out laughing. Brilliant! 

8. Man Pulls Airplane

First of all if you think pulling an airplane is an easy task then try pulling a car that’s not even on park. Not so easy is it? Not unless you’re this Pastor, that’s right, you heard me, a Pastor. And when he’s not preaching he’s busy pulling just about anything.


In 2009 Reverend Kevin Performed one of the most amazing feats which involved him pulling a 188tonne airplane for 8M in the Canadian airport.

What makes this worth a spot on the list is the fact that nobody has ever beaten the record.

9. Army Of Ducks

This footage was taken in Kerala, India which shows an army of ducks sweeping through the streets of Kerala in thousands.

The reason was that the farmer was moving the ducks to a more comfortable location away from the heat when he lost control over them and they took to the streets instead, stopping traffic and onlookers.


This went on for a while until the people managed to shoo the ducks away, this took the internet by storm. What makes this truly amazing is the fact that they were able to maintain a very good organisation even as animals and a bystander even said they happened to be more organized than us humans.

10. A Close Shave

Of all the videos here, this has got to be the most terrifying, It shows here how easily death can be cheated with a little bit of luck.

A camper is seen here performing his daily routine when an extremely huge Boulder slips off it’s normal position and rolls down at full speed almost crushing the man by less than an inch.


Had he chosen to at least move a step further he would have been crushed to pieces. 

11. Make up gone wrong

The lady In the video was just going on with her youtube channel which was about make-up.

She was just beginning the practical aspect when a terrible earth tremor struck and shook the house like a jar of pennies which ruined everything. I really feel bad for her because the frightened look in her eyes accompanied with her trashed room is really something to not smile about.


Why she made the list is mainly because of the timing of the earthquake which is a 1 in a million coincidence. 

Bonus: Slaughterhouse Madness;

12 Moments If Not Filmed No one Would Believe

A slaughterhouse is normally a place of gore but even the owners of such a place would see this as crossing the line—even for an abattoir. 

The pigs are bludgeoned, beaten up, and boiled alive. You know what; it’ll be best if you watched it yourself:


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