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11 creepy Animals that will give you the chills

From the creepy purple frog to the super ugly blob fish, here are 11 creepy Animals that will give you the chills

11. The Goliath Tiger Fish

11 creepy Animals that will give you the chillsThe Goliath Tiger Fish is one of the biggest and scariest species of fish in the world. It’s designed to make you not want to ever take a second look and to drive you far away from the water.

The females are much smaller than the males with the males measuring in lengths as much an adult human being, that why I said it’s one of the largest.

You heard the word Tiger so you should be expecting some large, sharp fangs, and if you’re one of them, you’re definitely right. The tiger fish has about 35 sharp teeth that’s almost the size of a great white shark’s.

They also have a bulging set of eyes which helps them see their target and if that doesn’t work, they can sense the frequencies and vibrations of their surrounding prey so there’s pretty much no sneaking up on this one (frankly, I don’t even feel like it).

They’ve been known to slowly circle their prey before attacking them with the aggression and speed of a Piranha.

10. Purple Frog

11 creepy Animals that will give you the chillsFrogs are normally not very attractive creatures but this one puts the “Un” in unattractive.

They have a purple color, obviously (which isn’t really the best color for a Frog) and a set of beady looking eyes which you’ll never un-see.

They have a huge body and a smaller head which dosent seem to help with their looks and on the head rests a small, pointy nose that’s hard to miss, since it’s their characteristic feature.

They were discovered in India in the year 2003 and honestly speaking, I wish they never did. If you think this is disgusting, wait until you see the blob fish.

9. Brazilian Tree hopper

11 creepy Animals that will give you the chillsThe Brazilian tree hopper is one insect you’ll never ever forget once you see it due to the fact that its features aren’t really like other regular insects.

On their small heads rests a set of antennae that’s arranged to look like a helicopter and have about 5 circles facing all directions.

They have a set of wings which are thick enough to protect their fragile abdomen from the harshness of the Brazilian forest weather and if you’re not an insect person, please do not test your luck. You will regret it.

8. The blue dragon.

11 creepy Animals that will give you the chillsThe blue dragon are small sea slugs that measure about 2inches in length. They not only come in blue color but in white too.

They have six appendages which serves as their means of movement and each have a structure called a Radula which is an evidence of them being molluscs.

You shouldn’t be expecting to see a male and a female one because they are hermaphrodites so they have both male and female reproductive organs.

7. Myanmar Snub nosed monkey;

11 creepy Animals that will give you the chillsScientists and researchers discovered these strange looking primates in the year 2010, however, information on its existence wasn’t any news to the locals who discovered it years ago.

They are very furry creatures with their fur having an appealing color. This kinda gives the impression that they may be cute and cuddly but if you come really close, you’ll find out that this is one ugly monkey.

It’s lips are pink looking and doesn’t really look like they should belong to a monkey. It has a very black set of eyes which you do not want to stare into, under the eyes are some awkward looking set of nose which would only make you ask what mother nature was thinking when designing this creature.

I wonder how they cope with their nose when it rains.

6. The goblin shark

11 creepy Animals that will give you the chillsYou’ve seen how the movies portray anything “Goblin” Right?

So you’re never going to expect anything better from the goblin shark and I can assure you that they are much worse than you can imagine.

The goblin shark has a long ugly looking nose and a set of detachable jaws that seem dislocated whenever they open it. On each jaw lies a set of small sharp teeth clumsily arranged.

The nose helps them sense prey by detecting the electromagnetic impulses they emit, it may be cool but it still doesn’t change the fact that they’re extremely ugly.

They live deep in the ocean, up to 4500 feet and that’s probably where they deserve to stay so I don’t have to look at them.


5. Giant Isopod

11 creepy Animals that will give you the chillsApart from insects, the crustacean world are also capable of making our skin crawl, not everyone actually (I kinda like crabs – on a plate, that is) but the giant Isopod is one of, if not, the largest crustacean to ever grace the ocean world.

These creatures can get very big, by big I mean up to 20 inches and if you look well enough for them, you just might end up being surrounded by hundreds of them

They’re one of the earliest crustaceans to ever live and they can be found in the Atlantic ocean. They have 14 legs and their segmented exoskeleton can be divided into head, thorax and abdomen.

4. Blob fish

11 creepy Animals that will give you the chillsIf you’re squeamish, you may want to look away so you don’t throw up (don’t say I didn’t warn you).

These extremely ugly creatures live deep in the oceans of Australia and frankly, I don’t think any depth is deep enough for these abominations.

Their deformities are caused by the fact that they are designed to stay deep down the ocean and adapt to the pressure. When they are brought out of the water, there is a major pressure change and this makes these invertebrates look like someone poured out a bowl of jelly.

They can measure as much as 12inches and mainly feed on crustaceans and other smaller fishes. Those eyes and that big nose isn’t something you’ll forget in a hurry, I’m glad I ruined your day.

3. Cereal Leaf Beetle

11 creepy Animals that will give you the chillsThese insects were once discovered to be exclusive in Europe and Asia, now they’ve been discovered to crawl the farmlands of America too.

They have a dark colored back, a set of yellowish legs and a red head.

Cereal Leaf beetles reproduce once in the warm periods of the year and just looking at the larvae will give you nightmares.

I’m not being overdramatic, just look at it! What you’re seeing is due to the fact that once they are in the larvae stage, another insect infects them with it’s own eggs which then grow up to become larvae inside the larvae of the Leaf beetle, thus making it appear like a walking incubator machine.

2. Zombie snail

11 creepy Animals that will give you the chillsI really don’t think anyone has a problem with snails. They’re calm, look kinda cute and most importantly; they taste great. That was my opinion till I met the zombie snail.

The zombie snail is an ugly looking unique snail that has two wormy looking creatures for eyes. This is due to the fact that they’re generally prone to being infected by a parasite worm known as the green bandit brood sack.

This forceful invasion is done so that they can take over their entire bodies and show in their eyes. When they start showing up there, they start displaying a wide range of colors so that they can look like a colorful caterpillar and attract birds.

Once the birds eat them, they can then reproduce inside their stomachs and when they come out through the other end, the life cycle begins again.

Luckily, no snails were harmed, I mean, seriously harmed during the process of their life cycle as they only need their eyes which are later eaten off by the birds. The snails later grow a new set of eyes and continue living their lives waiting for another invasion.

1. Lampreys

11 creepy Animals that will give you the chillsThere are about 38 known species of lampreys and some are carnivorous while others eat plants.

For those who don’t know what a Lamprey is, a Lamprey is a jawless fish that kinda looks like a leech.

The carnivorous species of lampreys feed on blood and they do this with assistance from a circular row of sharp teeth which they sink into the flesh of the victims and spin their bodies to open up a wound.

Pond owners hate these guys as they’re known to kill their fish in large amount, causing them huge losses. However, they’re eaten in some parts of the world.

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