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10 Unbelievable pets kids actually own

If your kid wanted an unusually weird and exotic pet, will you freak out? Or will you give him your credit card.

What if instead of going for a dog or a cat or a goldfish like other normal person, he decides to ask for a python? Will you be comfortable watching your child get wrapped by a snake?

For some parents it’s quite normal for them, even better. Maybe it’s because a snake dosent carry fleas or you don’t need to take an alligator to the vet regularly.

A lot of children have been raised around wild animals and have grown to love them. We’re going to show you 10 unbelievable pets kids actually own.

1. Hulk the Giant Pitbull

10 Unbelievable pets kids actually own Hulk is actually the name of the world’s largest Pitbull which behaves very friendly and gentle to his baby brother and best friend, Jackson.

Hulk actually belongs to Marlin and Lisa in new Hampshire USA, they specialize in producing elite police protection dogs and are the co owners of a company known as the dark dynasty canine.

The relationship has gone viral several times due to the fact that he tends to get very rough and aggressive with Intruders but can be an angel when it comes to Jackson.

2. Ary Borges Pet Tiger.

10 Unbelievable pets kids actually ownTigers are actually the biggest cats on the planet and I will literally wet myself just looking at one.

This dosent seem to be a problem to Ary Borges from Brazil where himself and his family see the tigers as their children and they actually have up to 5!


Back in 2015, Ary rescued 2 tigers that were maltreated in a circus, first they were secretly brought to his home and hidden in an enclosure somewhere in his backyard until they started coming towards his house and were discovered by his family.

Now his 3daughters have all formed an unbreakable bond with their canine companion.

3. Pet Python

10 Unbelievable pets kids actually ownThis list keeps getting creepier and creepier. A python is very huge and muscular, so muscular it could squeeze life out of an adult; in other words, not something you should ever leave close to your kid.

These red flags were quickly pushed aside by a 7year old Cambodian boy whose parents are popular rice farmers in the vicinity.

They surprisingly stated that they have no problem with the relationship and that they believe the duo have a special connection, they even let him sleep in the coils of his 16foot 200 pound friend, stroking it and showering it with love and affection.

It was rescued by the boy’s mother when it was about 3months old (barely the size of his palm) and she decided to keep it as a pet and not surprisingly, her son soon fell in love with him and the two have become a star attraction. Wonder what they feed it.

4. Pet Fox

10 unbelievable pets kids actually ownAlthough foxes are quite strange and unconventional, they can to some extent make very good pets due to their bursts of energy and agility.

In this case, the fox is a fennec fox named Lucy, fennec foxes are exotic breeds that are found in the Sahara region and the Arabian Peninsula. They’re known for their fluffy coat and long ears and like I said before; bursts of energy.

Sometimes she is seen zooming around her owner’s couch in excitement until she is picked up by her sister.

Another typical example of her hyperactive behavior is in this video


5. Maharani’s Pet Crocodile

10 Unbelievable pets kids actually ownA crocodile! Why not? As insane as it sounds people actually keep crocodiles as pets and let those ferocious reptiles come close to their children.

3yr old Maharani from Indonesia actually keeps a Crocodile as a pet, She regularly brushes its teeth and bathes it just like you would to a regular pet.

This particular crocodile was rescued by her father from the horrible conditions it was made to endure in the pet market, it was wounded and filled with sores so he felt sorry for the little guy and thought it safe to bring it home to his toddler.

And for the record; crocodiles and any other reptiles are very unpredictable and can turn on its owner anytime, don’t get one as a pet unless you have a backup plan Incase it loses its mind.

6. Shelby and her Pet Cockroaches

10 Unbelievable pets kids actually ownThis dosent seem to disgust an Oklahoman girl named Shelby who not only has a cockroach as a pet but also collects a lot of them and her room is terribly infested by them (i don’t think she’ll call it an infestation anyways).

She said she started off with five roaches and now kisses goodnight to thousands, I’m serious about the kissing part, it’s bizarre. She also said she wants the world to stop seeing them as monsters and that they can actually be cute and funny creatures too. Sorry Shelby, hard pass.

7. Izzy and her pet koala

10 Unbelievable pets kids actually ownIzzy from Australia is a 10year old girl and loves to take care of animal, she’s even known to be a koala whisperer. She takes care of lost and abandoned koalas on Australia’s barrier reef island where she lives.

She helps nurse baby koalas until they are mature enough to be released into the wild. That sounds like a lot of work and responsibility but she does it with a full heart and right now she’s taking care of a baby koala named creaky, now isn’t that cute.

8. Gizmo and Bentley

10 Unbelievable pets kids actually ownYou think pigs only belong in a sty wallowing in mud and filth all day long? Well you just have to ask Arlene the owner of two pigs named Gizmo and Bentley who are pretty much raised the way dogs are; brushed, bathed and made to roam freely around the house and sleep in thesame bed too.

9. Gary the Kangaroo

10 Unbelievable pets kids actually own Hudy’s mom gave him a pet kangaroo as a gift. It was involved in a terrible accident and was in serious need of foster care and affection.

His mom usually worked with animals and often brought back home some birds and animals which He never really took any interest in, when she brought back home Gary, He knew he had a connection,a bond that was meant to last forever.

He admitted that Gary was in terrible shape when he was brought home and he could barely hop but with constant feeding and exercise through playing, Hudy was able to get Gary back on his feet and Gary had always loved him since, following him around and always trying to get him to cuddle with him.

Hudy knew he was going to be released back into the wild due to the nature of his mom’s job but that didn’t stop him from making the best out of the situation. After he was released, he said Gary taught him so much and that he hopes to be a vet someday.

10. Waku and Skylar the Cheetahs

10 Unbelievable pets kids actually own Myla and Kayla share a very strong bond with two young cheetahs named Waku and Skylar. The cheetahs were brought back from a game reserve in Africa where it was discovered that the mom was sick and could barely take care of her young.

So they decided to bring them to their residence and rehabilitate them so they can last long and survive in the wild. Myla and Kayla both love to sleep in thesame bed with them and also take them on outings with them.

For safety sake, the entire rehabilitation should be done as quick as possible and they should be well taken care of because cheetahs are actually an endangered species.

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