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10 silly Inventions that made millions

New inventions have to be smart, useful and able to satisfy our needs. That being said, there are some other products out there that are of no use and should be regarded as silly but surprisingly still made their inventors very wealthy.

Here are 10 silly inventions that made millions

1. The Pet Rock:

10 silly Inventions that made millionsI cannot stop laughing and wondering what was going through the minds of the inventor of this disaster or should i say seemingly disaster because this product sold for around $4 per rock and I’m not even kidding!

It comes in a pet carrier with holes around it for, breathing?

It even came with a new update which included a USB port and charger. Plug the rock to the socket and look on in excitement as it does absolutely nothing.

It may have looked silly but i don’t think the company thought so when they smiled with millions of dollars to the bank.

Over 1.5million copies have been sold, raking in more than $6M. The price may be different now though


10 silly Inventions that made millionsEver walked up to a grocery store and said to yourself “Hey, I’ve been looking for one of these all my life to satisfy my deranged psychology” because if you have then you are one of the persons psychotic enough to buy this.

I don’t know if it was intended to be a gag or running joke or even just a sick prank but is it really worth $10?, You heard me, $10 dollars and it’s not even per pair!

I don’t know who is ever going to laugh at this gag, but I sure know the company is.


10 weird Inventions that made millionsOh come on! Really?

Is it to look cool, because dogs are cool just the way they are, or is it to protect their eyes? Because they are least likely to look up into the sun.

No matter the reason, i don’t think it’s worth spending $20 and enriching the producers of a not so necessary necessity.


10 silly Inventions that made millionsWe don’t really need much explanation about the purpose of this product because it’s actually one of the oldest running jokes that dates back to the 1930s.

For those who don’t know it’s use, you inflate it, set it on a chair and get your unlucky victim to sit on it and it makes fart noises, embarrassing.

This practical joke has been selling from country to country since then and even till now as a very strong bid to embarrass your friends for your amusement and you can only imagine the wealth it has gathered for it’s creator.


10 silly Inventions that made millionsThe very next time you drive down the highway, take a good look at the antenna of every car that passes you. Do they have balls at the end of them? I thought so too.

From the smiling face emoji to tiny basketballs, these ridiculous things help beautify the edges of antennas, and you can’t go wrong.

The inventor got the idea from SUV drivers who usually put tennis balls on the end of the antenna to prevent it from snapping around whenever they want to get into garages. It’s a ridiculous invention but it got the entrepreneur millions


10 silly Inventions that made millionsImagine you are santa claus and you’re writing letters to children for the holidays, sounds normal right? Not if you’re charging $10 for it it’s not.

This guy practically got his own postal address in somewhere he’s most likely not to be like the North Pole and sends letters to children. Of course he’s not fooling the parents, or is he? How does 200,000 letters at the rate of $10 per letter sound?


10 silly Inventions that made millionsThis one was actually made by accident. The creator accidentally dropped the slinky spring from the stairs and watched it “Slinky” down the stairs and thought to himself “How do I use this to fool this gullible generation?” And thus the slinky was born just like that.

Within 90 minutes, 400 copies were sold for $1 before it will then proceed to making the owner a quarter of a billion, that’s $250 million.


10 silly Inventions that made millionsHmm, who would have ever thought a bunch of plastic fish could ever cost so much, is it because they could sing? It’s probably because they could sing.

Everyone used to have a big mouth bill bass, rainbow trout or anything similar, it was a popular gag.

Companies claimed to have sold 100s of copies in an hour in the peak of the era and in the year 2000, over a million copies were sold making a company in Texas very rich.


10 silly Inventions that made millionsWe all love to snuggle under our blankets in the peak of the cold days just to get a bit of warmth and comfort. But have you ever thought of actually wearing one, out of your bed?

In the late 2008, SNUGGIES became a sensation and pop culture phenomenon. The product became famous after a direct response advertisement was aired and was also featured in television programs like “Today” where the characters would snuggle in them and look like a synchronized church choir.

Others described a mass wearing of snuggies as some kind of Harry Potter convention and there was even some for dogs too, selling at $19 with over 20 million articles sold in just January 2009, you do the math.


10 silly Inventions that made millionsEnvironment activists, you might want to look away from this one a bit.

You remember that usual thanksgiving tradition of eating a turkey and then breaking the bone while making a wish? Don’t know where it came from or how sensible that is but hey, I won’t judge.

Upset by the fact that vegetarians can’t do this because it involves meat, Ken Ahroni started Lucky Break; a company that specializes in making fake plastic wishbones.

Creating thousands a day and making over $2.5million a year, there’s no questioning the fact that it is making him a millionaire but where do those excess plastic waste go to? You guessed it, the environment.

So with this list, we can say that the real point is not the product but the marketing and if there’s a crazy person to think of it, there most certainly is a crazier person to buy it.

Thanks for the views and if you have any suggestions or arguments, I’ll love to hear them in the comments section. 

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