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10 Places To Live If You Really Hate People

From the house located 5,000 feet above sea level to a building that was even featured in a James bond movie, here are 10 places to live if you really hate people

10. The village of Gasadulur

10 Places To Live If You Really Hate PeopleDosent it sound like a lot of work to have to take a boat ride or scale through a 2,000ft mountain to get to your house?

In the year 2012, about 18 people set up home there and due to the fact that it was once only accessible by the stairs carved on the mountains and the entire place is currently surrounded by huge rocks and hills.

Not much people would want to go through all the trouble of going there and I bet the persons living there must really hate people.

However, a tunnel is currently being dug through the mountains and very soon, it may even be accessible by cars. Don’t really know if that’s a good news or a bad news.

9. The crystal mill

10 Places To Live If You Really Hate PeopleThe crystal mill in Colorado is so dangerous to access that if you’re planning on going there, you’re going to have to sign a waiver, you know, that document that takes away the responsibility of whatever happens to you from the authorities (just in case you didn’t know).

It was once a powerplant built on the crystal river in the year 1892 and even though it’s no longer running, it can still be made available to you if you’re in desperate need of thrill seeking.

Desperate enough to tread on the unstable and dangerous path made from granite and shale.
It’s so dangerous that so many cars have actually turned upside down when passing through, probably one of the reasons you need that waiver.

The mill of the Powerplant can only be accessed by an awkward looking makeshift ladder.


8. Ellidaey Island

10 Places To Live If You Really Hate PeopleThere’s a house on elliday island that’s very secluded and built at a remote part of the island. The picture was uploaded to the internet and it spread like wildfire!

It’s been the subject of rumors for a while now, some speculate it to be a celebrity house while others think of it as a place of refuge incase there’s a zombie invasion.

It was later revealed that the house belonged to 5 people 300years ago and that they built the house because they needed enough privacy to rear cattle and live on them.

They later realized that it wasn’t too favourable for them and that things weren’t going as they expected so they decided to relocate to the mainland where they could get a better opportunity.

However, the house is still there and it’s used as a store house for hunting expeditions. I won’t want to live there though, not because it’s secluded or quiet but because there’s no water and electricity.

Would you want to live there? let us know in the comments section below.

7. Casa Do Penedo Stone House;

10 Places To Live If You Really Hate PeopleWhenever anyone wants to go out for a holiday trip, the first question that comes into their minds would always be “where am I going to sleep?”.

Well you can most certainly cross that thought off your mind if you’re planning on paying a visit to the Casa Do Penedo Stone House in Portugal.

The house dates back to the year 1972 where holiday campers decided to do something out of the ordinary. They decided that instead of regular tents and vehicles, it would be much cooler to live in a house made from stone.

The house is actually well constructed for a stone House, having windows, a roof and its interior consists of a well made bedroom and a couch made completely out of a Eucalyptus tree.

Although the house may no longer be available as a holiday house, you could still catch a glimpse of it if you happen to be in that area.

6. Hermitage of San Colombano

10 Places To Live If You Really Hate PeopleIf you live here, For you to get to your home, you would have to climb through 400ft of rocks which may not be a good price to pay just to be free from the outside world.

The structure is built on a well carved rock cliff face and the entrance to the building is very tricky to locals or just about anyone in the general public.

The church dates back to the tenth century. People started living there in the year 753 and it was eventually dedicated to a saint whom legends say he killed a deadly dragon that used to eat up the children baptized in the lino river just below.

It’s very much camouflaged into the rocks which makes it a great place for people who don’t like the public and just want to get away for a while. Best of all, it’s open to the public.

5. Church of saint Johann in Ranui Italy

10 Places To Live If You Really Hate PeopleThe church is unfortunately not available for living but you could rent it for your wedding, especially if you need to do it quietly.

This is because the church has a farm near it and then nothing else for miles.
The church has a bell tower, a shingle pitched roof and some ancient artwork to give it a bit of rustic vibe and some manner of historical significance.

4. Agia Triada

10 Places To Live If You Really Hate People

Ittl be quite difficult to convince anyone concerned to let you live there but if you’re really tired of naughty kids pranking you all the time or that pesky guy always trying to sell you something, Agia Triada is a place you should be.

Agia Triada is a holy Trinity monastery very near the saint Stephen’s nuttery. It’s located in mediora and it’s been an established and working monastery for as long as 1362.

The building is very high, you need to walk about 140 steps before you can reach the area which is built on a rock, however, the exhilarating view you’ll get from the journey is well worth the exercise.

Agia Triada has a church, a chapel and a set of artworks that dates as old as 1682. Oh! and a part of this compound was used to shoot a scene in a James bond movie, can you recognize it now?

It’s obvious this beautiful work of art is an ancient treasure, let’s just hope some rich guys don’t buy it and end up demolishing it for private use.

3. Tristan Da cunha, Tristan, Atlantic ocean

10 Places To Live If You Really Hate PeopleTristan (not saying the entire name again) is a British Outpost in the south of the Atlantic ocean only accessible through the 9 boats that come there once in a while, making it quite difficult for you to leave anytime you like.

Infact, if you’re going to live there, be prepared to stay for months before you can leave, an ideal location to just relax and push your worries aside. Just be sure to let your family know when you leave so they don’t end up declaring you already dead before you get back.

It has a small hospital, a pub, an old golf course and a volcano cone. It’s also a very self sufficient island accommodating about 270 people where most of the activities involve potato farming, lobster importation and some other livestock rearing. At least you don’t need to pack heavy food supply before you go there.

2. Katshki Pillar

10 Places To Live If You Really Hate PeopleA man decided to call a house on a rocky surface 130feet from the ground his home.

It was actually an abandoned church on a column made out of limestone. Whatever it is, it takes some serious guts and a hatred for people to pull off this daring feat.

The name may sound a little Japanese but it’s actually the name of a village located in West Georgia built by the stylites and inhabited in the 9th century until the ottoman invasion that took place in the 15th century.

The rock, which you can only access through a ladder has a central church, a wine cellar, about three hermit cells a stone crib and a curtain wall. Christians who wanted privacy and an opportunity to get physically closer to their maker usually frequented that secluded area.

In the year 1944, a mountaineer from Georgia rediscovered the long hidden spot and in the year 1993, a man named Maxine Kafteraski started living there.

Maxine Kafteraski was an ex convict charged with drug related offenses. After his release, he decided to go there and cleanse himself of the evil inside him and start afresh with his maker. All of these were said in an interview in the year 2013 and he is still living there.

1. Lukomir- Konjic, Bosnia, Hezergovina

10 Places To Live If You Really Hate PeopleLukomir is a 300 year village located 5,000 feet above sea level.

It’s 30 miles away from Sarahevo and happens to be the most secluded village in Hezergovina. The building structures are very old and outdated and the women even dress in a very out of style wool clothing.

Getting there means you’ll have to go through a paved road until you reach the earthen road for the last part of your journey.
If you’re planning on going there, I’ll advice you not to go there during the winter as the area is covered in snow and only accessible by skiing.

The people there are very friendly and give visitors a warm welcome with their home made delicacies and interesting stories.

Thanks for reading.

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