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10 largest humans to ever live (2020)

Bending down to not hit the lintel, not fitting into airplane seats, having to squeeze your legs into your blanket. Not so fun when you’re way tall is it? Well you’re not alone, infact, we’re about to show you the 10 largest humans to ever live.

1. Lindsay Hayward

10 largest humans to ever live (2020)This Californian girl is about 204 cm tall. She didn’t just suddenly become like that, it started from when she was a teen measuring six centimeters taller than her friends, she could have been much taller than 204cm if not for the fact that she suffered a spinal hernia.

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She grew to the limelight due to the fact that she’s a great actor even making a guest appearance in the popular medical series Grey’s anatomy and for her multiple victories in various wrestling matches.

Apart from acting in series, she also landed a full movie role drawing the attention of Guinness book of records, which then crowned her the tallest person in a lead role of a movie.

Lindsay said in an interview that living the life of an extremely tall person constantly draws attention to you in places like airplanes, stores, etc. Everyone just looks at you with that gaze to constantly remind you about how tall you are.

She also, like I said earlier, had a career in wrestling in 2008 after the manager noticed her and offered her free lessons after which she was promoted to fighting in WWE. Her career spanned for 4years until she decided to call it quits in 2012.

2. Dalip Singh Rana

10 largest humans to ever live (2020)Dalip Singh Rana, an Indian wrestler also known as the great Khali measures about 220cm due to a hormonal disorder from his pituitary gland.

He couldn’t just let that height go to waste so he decided to work out and join the Indian police force. He also received an award for being the first Indian to win the heavyweight championship in the elite WWE.

That kind of height made it very difficult to get someone to train him and also even more difficult to get training equipment for his size, this became one of his challenges. Another challenge is that a guy this big needs a large amount of fuel, he admitted that he ate about 5 whole chickens a day to give him the right amount of protein his huge body needs.

He’s now a full American citizen and no longer wrestles but runs a wrestling school. I would have said reach for the Stars but I’m pretty sure you can get there on your own.

3. Igor Vovkavinskiy

10 largest humans to ever live (2020)Igor vovkavinskiy born in the Soviet Union is about 234cm tall, his parents had to relocate to the United States so as to help solve his pituitary problem that kept him growing rapidly. The doctors had to perform a total of 16 surgeries on him to stop his rapid growth because it was giving him problems like sore back and sore feet.

Picking the right pair of shoes his size became a burden that Reebok had to gift him 3 pairs of custom sneakers.

4. Sultan Kosen

10 largest humans to ever live (2020)Turkish farmer sultan kosen has a height of about 250cm making him the tallest man in the world, he would have been top on the list but the title says tallest humans to ever live and not top tallest humans to ever live so, yeah, sorry about that.

Anyways, Kosen also has the largest palms in the world which is an 24cm long and suffered from pituitary issues just like everyone else his size which led him to go for a series of surgery to stop his growth.


Being the tallest man in the world also came with a lot of issues like the fact that it was difficult to finish school which led him into farming, the fact that his head touched the ceiling of most houses and that it became very difficult to find clothes and shoes that big.

5. Robert Wadlow

10 largest humans to ever live (2020)Kosen is the tallest man alive but Robert Wadlow was the tallest man to ever live.

He was born in the US in the year 1918 which was a time when medicine wasn’t very advanced so doctors couldn’t perform major surgeries like brain surgery which could have helped him.

This caused him to keep on growing up to a height of 272cm, however, this did not stop him from living a relatively Norma life. He, unlike kosen, finished high school and went on to study law but unfortunately couldn’t finish.

He then went on to join the circus and the people instantly fell in love with him nicknaming him the gentle giant.

His health started heading for the worst due to insufficient health care at that time that at his 20s, he couldn’t walk properly unless he was on crutches. He was later wounded by accident with a cane which eventually led to sepsis, the doctor tried their best to save his life by administering medications to the best of his ability and also encouraging blood transfusion but the efforts proved abortive. He died in the year 1940 and a large number of friends, loved ones, fans and even the general public numbering up to 40,000 gathered to attend his funeral.

6. Neil Fingleton

10 largest humans to ever live (2020)Neil Fingleton played a part in the popular series, game of thrones, you know, the part when Mag the mighty tore the doors of castle black with his bare hands. He is also the tallest actor in the world and he made his first appearance as a bodyguard in the movie X-Men in the year 2011. He also played alongside Keanu Reeves in the action movie, 47 Ronin.

Before he started acting, Neil was actually a basketball player, he once said that his condition Never really brought him down emotionally even though he spent a lot of time answering questions from ignorant people. He also said he actually feared going bald which was actually his biggest worry.

He had a promising life but he sadly passed away at a young age of 36 due to heart failure.

7. Hafpor Julius Bjornson

10 largest humans to ever live (2020)Another game of thrones character, hafpor wasn’t really like this from the very start. Measuring about 6ft 9inches, hafpor was a basketball player from a younger age but a knee injury ended his career abruptly.

Another man just as strong saw him and advised him to start training and working out and he soon found himself competing for the position as the world’s strongest man. Even after he landed the role as Gregor in game of thrones and crushing a record set by Vikings which was as long as a thousand years old, Hafpor still hasn’t stopped training and competing for the position of the world’s strongest man.

8. Dennis Cyplenkov

10 largest humans to ever live (2020)Dennis Cyplenkov is a Ukrainian arm wrestler who started training and lifting weights at a very young age. His hands have the most densely packed muscles in the world and this “hulk” or rather Ukrainian hulk which he is called has a bicep with a circumference of 25inches making it the largest in Russia, unofficially. His wrists are also 9 and a half inches in circumference making it the largest in Russia too.

9. Yao Defen

10 largest humans to ever live (2020)Yao Defen, born in 1972 was quite a normal child weighing 2kg and 800grammes when she was just born which isn’t a bad weight for a newborn until she started growing at an exponential rate to the extent of being almost 190 cm tall at just eleven years old.

The doctor said there was a tumor growing at the pituitary area causing her to become gigantic and that a surgery would help but her family couldn’t afford the surgery. She later turned 18 and her parents urged her to get something doing with her life, she couldn’t read or write so she couldn’t land any office job and due to the fact that she was too weak for her height, companies couldn’t hire her for sports, she had to move around with her dad from place to place, speaking to people which then became her job.

In the year 2002, a fundraiser from a British television helped her raise enough money for the surgery and for sometime the growth stopped. Later on, the tumor grew back and was spreading so she needed another surgery quickly.

It was during her state of depression that she met Zhang Jungai which was also another very tall person with a height of 242 cm. They met in the hospital and she felt really happy and relieved but sadly she died at the age of 40 because she couldn’t afford proper health care.

10. Sun Ming Ming and Xu Yan

10 largest humans to ever live (2020)Although Sun is taller than his wife, the two are both tall with a total height of about 423cm, they even got recognized by the Guinness book of records as the tallest couple in the world.

Both of them love sports as Sun is a basketball player while his wife plays for the women’s handball team.

Which of these shocked you the most? Did you recognize the one from Grey’s anatomy? Let me know in the comments section below.

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