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10 animals much more terrifying than dinosaurs

These predators were much bigger, badder and scarier than the dinosaurs we know of today.
So, from aquatic animals much bigger than whales to sky dwellers spanning higher than telephone poles, here are 10 animals much more terrifying than dinosaurs.

1.The Titanoboa

10 animals much more terrifying than dinosaurs The snake in the movie Anaconda is child’s play compared to this terrifying creature. The titanoboa is an extinct species of snake that lived in what is now La Guajira in Colombia.

In case you’re wondering what they were like, let’s just say we’re lucky they are extinct. These vicious predators could reach lengths of thirteen metres and could weigh over a tonne.

They really put the titan in titanoboa.
That’s like coming face to face with a snake that is not only longer than six queen sized beds put together, but also almost as heavy as your average car.

According to fossil records, these reptiles were around about sixty million years ago.

Also according to paleontologists, the titanoboa would feed on large fishes, and much like the modern day snakes, could dislocate its jaws to devour mammals much bigger than its head.

2.The Liopleurodon


Liopleurodon(meaning smooth sided tooth) was a species of large carnivorous marine reptiles belonging to the pliosauroidae family and it was a terror indeed. If there was one thing you needed to watch for in the water, it was a liopleurodon.

These terrifyingly carnivorous beasts could weigh up to thirty-five hundred pounds and could grow up to thirty feet long.

That means that this monstrosity was bigger than a London bus and armed with its dangerous teeth, it was no doubt a formidable ocean dweller.
The liopleurodon also had a massive head, about quarter the length of its body.

This skull was complete, of course, with powerful and muscular jaws for biting down on prey as well as row after row of deadly razor sharp teeth for tearing into flesh with ease.

The liopleurodon was known to eat another species of dinosaurs known as the kimmerosaurus.
These creatures lived about 139 to 166 million years ago.

3.The Sarcosuchus


The sarcosuchus(meaning flesh crocodile) is an extinct species of crocodyliform and a distant relative of the modem day crocodile which inhabited what is now Africa and South America.

Reaching a whopping 9 metres in length and weighing close to 4 tonnes, it was most definitely the biggest of its kind to roam the planet, far bigger than the saltwater crocodile, the biggest we have today.

This means that this gargantuan creature would have weighed about three-fifth of a tyrannosaurus rex.
This apex predator made an easy lunch out of dinosaurs which is no surprise considering its gargantuan size, muscular build and deadly jaws and teeth.

Living between 93.5 and 145 million years ago, the super croc as it is colloquially called is no doubt one of the greatest predators of its time.
Can you imagine living on the same planet with such vicious predators?Luckily for us humans, we had extinction to deal with all those terrifying creatures.

4.The Mosasaurus

10 animals much more terrifying than dinosaurs. The next on the list is a creature so greatly terrifying that it was able to make its way to the movie “Jurassic World”.

Although the scenes and physique may have been overly exaggerated by the crew of the film, they were no less dangerous in real life making the crew not so far from the truth.

The mosasaurus like other animals in this list were not technically dinosaurs.
They were an extinct species of marine reptiles which could grow to be about 60 feet in length, making them one of the most dangerous creatures to rule the waters throughout the cretaceous period.

The mosasaurus according to paleontologists looked like a huge crocodile(most especially it’s head) and it was equipped with fins which made for added mobility in water, making it one of the apex predators in the sea.

According to Wikipedia, this dangerous creature lived about 66 to 82 million years ago

5.The Megalodon

10 animals much more terrifying than dinosaurs. An encounter with this species would very much be the stuff of nightmares as this extinct shark has become one of the most widely known creatures of the prehistoric era, surpassed only by the legendary T-Rex.

The megalodons (which means big tooth) which were by far the largest species of sharks to have ever existed has been thought to have looked a lot like the great white shark which we have today but the biggest great white shark was only 21 feet long and weighed about 5000 pounds whereas the biggest megalodon was estimated to be three times as long and weighed about 60 tonnes (132,000 pounds)

According to Wikipedia, these killing machines were around 3.6 to 23 million years ago and died about 2.6 million years ago but before that, they were known to feed on animals like giant sea turtles, porpoises and even whales.

Any animal that can make an easy meal out of a whale is definitely more terrifying to me than Chucky and Pennywise combined.

6.The quetzalcoatlus

10 animals much more terrifying than dinosaurs. Firstly, to dispel a myth that has been eaten up by the film industry, the pterodactyl was in fact, not a dinosaur.

They were members of the pterosaur family and as dangerous and frightening as Hollywood would have you believe, they weren’t the biggest sky dwellers. That singular honour is given to the quetzalcoatlus, the biggest flying animal to ever exist.

Unfortunately for us, not much is known about these mysterious creatures as there is a lack of sufficient fossil records to be certain and even though earlier estimates place its wingspan at 60 feet, much more modern studies has estimated that its wings spanned about 35 feet.

Scientists have also stated that it could have weighed anything between 450 and 550 pounds.
According to Wikipedia, the quetzalcoatlus lived between 66 and 72 million years ago.

7.The Gorgonops


If this doesn’t convince you that there were much more fearsome creatures in the prehistoric era than dinosaurs, I don’t know what will.

About 260 million years ago, long before dinosaurs roamed the earth and became the dominant species, the gorgonops dominated the food chain.

Gorgonops which is interpreted to mean ‘gorgon face’ or ‘gorgon eye’ is an extinct genus of therapsid which in their largest form, grew to be over three metres long.
They were vicious and agile predators which put them at the top of the food chain.

The gorgonops also had a highly muscular build and were outfitted with massive canines.
These canines grew to be so long that they almost protruded beyond their lower jaw.

8.The Phorusrhacidae

10 animals much more terrifying than dinosaurs. According to Wikipedia, the phorusrhacidae, which were colloquially known as terror birds lived between 1.8 and 62 million years ago in what is now South America.

They are an extinct species of large, carnivorous, flightless birds which grew to be something between 3 and 10 feet long, stood up about 10 feet tall and could run at amazing speeds of about 32 kilometres per hour.

These terrifying birds had giant curved beaks, much like that of an eagle and it, along with the terror bird’s other adaptations for survival made it a top predator for close to 60 million years.

The seriema bird, as harmless as it is, may be the only surviving relative of these apex predators.

9.The Megatherium

10 animals much more terrifying than dinosaurs I wasn’t very charmed to learn that one of the most terrifying creatures of the prehistoric era was basically a big sloth but as it seems, these creatures were as far from the modern day sloth as day is from night.

The megatherium which is Greek for ‘great beast’ is an extinct genus of ground sloth which lived in what is now South America.

The megatherium was about the size of an elephant and looked much like a bear.
This creature was equipped with giant claws on its limbs and could stand on its hind limbs to make itself look more massive than it already was. Unfortunately, this creature died out a little over 10 thousand years ago

10.The Thalattoarchon


The thalattoarchon which was discovered a few years back and officially classified in 2013, is an extinct genus of ichthyosaur, a group of marine reptiles.

Although there is a common misconception that they were dinosaurs.
The thalattoarchon could span as long as 28 feet, as tall as a giraffe, were equipped with massive jaws allowing them to hunt prey almost their size.

These creatures were around somewhere between 242 and 247 million years ago and due to their recent discovery, not much is known about them.

Which of these creatures gave you chills?
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