Top 10 deadliest Animals in Asia

Asia has its fair share of Animal problems with crawling, Walking, running and flying creatures all out to kill you. From the pocket sized fat tail scorpion to the towering Asian Elephant, join us as we discuss the top 10 deadliest Animals in Asia.

10. fat tail scorpion;

Top 10 deadliest Animals in AsiaThe fat tail scorpion can be found in a number of places including India and are about 10 cm in length.

They are given that name because the have a bulky looking tail with which they administer very lethal and toxic stings. Their sting contains a special kind of toxin known as neurotoxins which breaks down the nervous system and causes breathing problems.

Venoms from their sting are fast acting, they can kill a human being in matter of hours which is why they are classified as the most dangerous species of scorpion.

Luckily, there’s an effective antivenom just in case.

9. Hammer head bat:

Top 10 deadliest Animals in Asia
You’ve heard of the hammer head shark, but have you heard of the hammer head bat?

The hammer headed fruit bat is distributed in Africa but in some cases, can go as far as Asia. They are believed to have had a hand in the Ebola virus outbreak, acting as a host.

They are quite big with wingspans reaching lengths of about 97cm and is known to be the largest bat in Africa. Males are much larger than females and are known for their loud honking sounds produced with the help of their enlarged larynx, rostrum and lips.

Although the hammer headed bat eats fruits, they are not very good at distributing the seeds because they completely eat up the fruits close to where they find it.

Hammer headed bats mate by gathering in groups and attracting females, this is known as the Lek mating system. Even with this, they still face threats of becoming extinct due to pressure on their habitats and the constant hunting of them.

8. Crocodiles:

Top 10 deadliest Animals in AsiaExtremely tough armor, huge sharp teeth, powerful jaws that can crush concrete, nothing says “Keep away” more than a crocodile.

Crocodiles existed in the prehistoric times so you know they have thousands of years worth of experience in their resume.

They are not picky eaters and will eat just about anything with blood flowing in its veins. Crocs hunt by stealth and ambush, submerging their bodies in water and leaving their heads sticking out.

Any unlucky prey is greeted with a bite force ten times stronger than a great white shark’s and teeth designed for tearing flesh from bones. They rip out a substantial amount of flesh either by dragging prey underwater and allowing them to soften up by decaying or they perform their signature death roll.

You may have a chance of survival by poking its eyes, rolling with it during the death roll phase or better still, listen to the warning signs and don’t swim there.

7. The Bengal Tiger

Top 10 deadliest Animals in AsiaThe Bengal tiger is the biggest tiger in Asia weighing about 390kg and reaching lengths of about 4m.

They’re extremely formidable killers and are armed to the teeth, Literally!

Tigers don’t really go specifically for humans because we just aren’t worth their time, even at that, the Bengal tiger has been known to kill a lot of persons especially in the 1900s where 1,000 persons were killed by tigers in India. There was even a case of a female tiger named Champawat who killed more than 400 people.

6. The Reticulated Python

Top 10 deadliest Animals in AsiaThe reticulated python kills prey by curling around them with their 7m muscular bodies and squeezing them till they stop kicking.

We could have probably been on their menu since they can squeeze an adult human to death but our shoulders are just too wide for them to swallow.

5. The sloth bear

Top 10 deadliest Animals in AsiaSloth bears eat mainly insects and have long claws for climbing trees. Surprisingly, predators like tigers really hate them and so do elephants and rhinos.

These vicious creatures can weigh up to 200kg and stand at about 2m in height and specifically hate humans.

The hatred for humans is so strong that they’ve been known to violently attack people and tear open their faces with their strong sharp claws. Infact, there was a period in the 1940s where one of them killed about 12 people and maimed a lot more. What they had in common was that their faces had been torn and some were missing an eye, nose, lips and were looking badly mutilated.

4. The Asian giant Hornet

Top 10 deadliest Animals in AsiaThe Asian giant Hornet can grow as big as 5cm and their stingers can reach lengths of 6mm.

Their stingers can deliver a deadly cocktail of neurotoxins and cytotoxins which cause serious pains and tissue damage (a researcher stated that the pain is almost like a hot nail was driven into your flesh)

It can also deliver the Mandaratoxin which will kill you in high doses, whether or not you’re allergic to wasp stings.

In Japan, about 40 people die per year from these insects making them the deadliest Animal in Japan.

3. Sharks:

Top 10 deadliest Animals in AsiaThe great white shark, the tiger shark and the bull shark can all be found in the Asian waters but that doesn’t mean that deaths as a result would be very high.

Infact, since record keeping began 400years ago, sharks have only killed about 51 people which may not be a completely accurate figure since deaths in that region are grossly underreported.

They have a very powerful sense of smell capable of sensing blood kilometers away from them. Sharks are also quite fast swimmers but are lazy hunters known to carefully stalk their prey and charge at them from down low like a torpedo.

Sharks are also known to get quite curious with foreign objects getting in or on the water like cameras, shark tanks and even boats, Yes, sharks have been known to take huge chunks out of boats leaving the unlucky fishermen or explorers to the mercy of the elements.

Humans are not the primary prey for sharks but are often met with confrontations, so, what’s the reason?

Sharks are known to mistake us humans for seals and then move in for the kill. It’s after they’ve taken a huge bite out of us that they realize we aren’t that tasty and make a quick getaway.

The unfortunate victim is left with a very fatal wound which they sometimes never recover from.

2. Indian Rhinos

Top 10 deadliest Animals in AsiaThe Indian Rhinos are the 5th largest land Animals in the world reaching about 6ft in length and weighing about 4tons.

They are huge powerful creatures with sharp horns ready to impale anything that crosses its path, tough body armor to protect them from predators or from other rhinos, a poor eyesight and a bad raging temper.

Due to the fact that they have a very poor eyesight, they don’t really have the luxury of telling which is which so they’ll prefer to charge at you before asking questions after.

Charges from a rhino have been known to topple huge vehicles over and before you think you can take advantage of their size and outrun them, ask yourself if you can go faster than 35miles per hour.

Indian Rhinos sadly face the chances of becoming extinct because of humans always hunting them for their horns with which they make medicines and ornaments with.

1. The komodo dragon

Top 10 deadliest animals in AsiaThe komodo dragon is the biggest and heaviest species of lizard in the world weighing about 160kg and have a length of 3m. Trust me, if this guy dosent deserve a spot on the list of top 10 deadliest Animals in Asia, I don’t know what does.

They are a protected species in the Islands of the Indonesian archipelago where they eat just about anything breathing.

Part of what makes them grow so big in size is due to the fact that they have very little predators and honestly speaking, I won’t want to ever sink my teeth into these things, they’re very disgusting.

They have strong and powerful jaws, long claws with which they use in digging for subterranean creatures and eggs as well as razor sharp serrated teeth for crushing bones and tearing flesh.

Komodo dragons hunt for prey as large as buffalos but even the arsenal I mentioned earlier isn’t going to be enough so they deploy their last deadly resort; their saliva.

Their saliva contains a cocktail of harmful bacteria with which they use to infect prey. All they need to do is give them a single bite and watch them as the bacteria slowly does its work. It could take days before they die of the infection and during those periods, the komodo dragon slowly stalks and watched its victim until it stops kicking.

Want to see just how dangerous and merciless these things are? Watch this video of a komodo dragon eating a pregnant deer, ALIVE:


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