7 People who survived the impossible 2021


Luck really isn’t something you can put all your hopes on but it seems to strike when you really need it the most. I’m not just talking about avoiding the traffic jammed roads or finding a dollar in your couch. I’m talking about extremely lucky people who survived the impossible.


1. Vesna Vulovic

7 People who survived the impossible 2021

On the evenings of January 6th 1972, a man named Bruno Honke stumbled upon the wreckage of a plane crash. He was certain nobody could have survived the crash but was proven wrong after he saw a woman wearing no shoes in a flight attendant uniform. She actually broke a world record for surviving the highest fall of 33,000 feet without a parachute sustaining injuries to her vertebrae, 2 broken legs, broken ribs and some other injuries.

Luckily She was able to survive because the accident caused a hole in the fuselage causing a suction force to occur. It would have sucked her out had she not been pinned down by a food cart that hit her. Vesna had been recently advised against that job because of her low blood pressure but that must have been what saved her heart from bursting on impact. She sustained some levels of amnesia causing her to forget the incident and soon was caught in the sky again, working.

She went on to live her life till she died in 2016. Making her certainly among the people who survived the impossible.

2. Ewa Wisnierska

7 people who survived the impossible 2021 You might want to cross off paragliding from your bucket list when after you’ve heard this chilling incident. In February 2007, Wisnierska was practicing for the paragliding championships in Australia when she flew under a storm cloud and was sucked into it. She was flown higher into the air at a breakneck speed of 20m/s in the midst of lightning flashes and hailstones the size of ping pong balls.

Soon She passed out but the winds didn’t call it quits as she was whisked to a height of more than 32,000ft (that’s 3,000 feet higher than the peak of mount Everest and almost the cruising altitude of a commercial jet). Eventually She woke up mid air and navigated herself to a nearby farm where she only suffered frostbite to her extremities.

To show you how lucky she was to survive, experts said that this kind of luck is needed to win 10 lottery tickets in a row.

3. Todd Orr

7 People who survived the impossible 2021Lucky enough to survive a grizzly bear attack? Big deal, try two attacks in thesame day.

On September 30, 2016, Todd went hiking in the forest of Montana when he stumbled upon a grizzly bear with her Cubs. Naturally, the motherly instincts of the bear kicked up and she attacked him.

Even though he was armed with pepper spray and was able to use it, the bear still gave him some injuries before running off due to the spray. He was about to get into his car when the bear came in for round 2, obviously to finish what she started.

She ran towards him, bit his shoulder and slashed one of his arms. Fortunately, Todd was able to remain calm and lay still, protecting his neck. 

He received a few more hits before she left him, thinking he was dead, after which he got up and drove off to the hospital. You can watch the video here; 


4. Heart in the wrong place (Literally)

7 People who survived the impossible 2021A 48year old man was involved in a fatal accident which got him rushed to the hospital only for the doctors to try to examine his heart and found that it wasn’t there – or rather, wasn’t where it’s supposed to be. CT scan revealed that the heart had suffered an amazing 90° spin to the right. Despite suffering a punctured lung, ruptured spleen and broken ribs, he was still awake.

Doctors thought the force of the crash pushed his heart to the wrong direction but was later confirmed that it was the punctured lung that created a pocket of air that caused the heart to spin. The air was later drained out and the heart returned to the normal position in a day.

5. Paul Rosolie

7 People who survived the impossible 2021Wild life conservationist, Paul Rosolie approached a 20ft amazonian anaconda with the intention of getting swallowed and knowing how other animals in such situations feel.

He earlier informed viewers to stay tuned as he named the segment “eaten alive”
It was a very daring task but probably not as daring as calling the attention of thousands if not millions of viewers and then bailing at the last minute so he just had to do it

He rubbed himself in pig’s blood and got into a protective suit as he slowly allowed himself to be swallowed by the huge beast.
Snakes will find it hard to swallow a person because of the broadness of his shoulders so I’m guessing he went in first with his feet closely together.

Everything was going quite alright, people were taking pictures and were also, of course, videoing until he had to call it off when he heard his bones cracking. The anaconda was badly squeezing him and boy did it hurt, BAD.

The snake initially latched on to his right arm and then quickly coiled round him. He heard strange sounds as the snake opened her mouth and started swallowing from his helmet (I guess she did swallow him from the head despite his shoulder, must have been a REALLY huge snake)

He tried to move into a more comfortable position but the snake was just too strong. It’s a good thing he called it off because even though he had a snake proof suit, he could have been crushed in a matter of time.


I don’t know about you, but getting swallowed for pictures, videos and a livestream isn’t worth it.

6. Steven Mcormack

7 People who survived the impossible 2021Back in 2011, this truck driver was standing on the rigging between his truck and a trailer when one slip created a nasty chain reaction. He landed on a valve connecting the trucks brake to the compressed air supply causing it to Pierce through his Left butt and within seconds, air was released into his body in pressures of about 100PSI.

His horrified co-workers watched as he inflated to twice his size, turning him into a life sized balloon. While he screamed in agony, his co-workers managed to lift him off of the valve and place him to his side before the paramedics arrived. The air rushed in and filled the space between fat and muscle, even other places like the space between his heart and lungs and behind his eyeballs.


The nurses tried to place a needle into him but the pressure pushed the needle outside. If the valve had pierced an artery, he would have bled to death so his butt saved his life. The only way to get all that excess air out was to wait for it to come out by itself.

7. Ahad Israfil

7 People who survived the impossible 2021The human body is built to withstand a lot of things, a bullet is simply not one of them, especially one to the Brain. Ahad was working in a store when an incident that changed his life occured.

His co-worker was handling one of the firearms when it dropped on the floor and went off, sending a bullet into his head.

Despite the severity of the accident, he survived the drive to the hospital and underwent a 5hr surgery to which a chunk of his right hemisphere was severely damaged causing his scalp to collapse inwards after the surgery. Doctors were surprised to see him speaking and after some time, a silicone implant was made to that area.

He died in 2019 aged 47 but was able to live above everyone’s expectations by even graduating from his local university.

I guess this list of people who survived the impossible is going to show you that nothing and I mean nothing is impossible.

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