8 Times the glass was almost not strong enough

Glass is a very fancy material that serves very different purposes like; as a drinking cup, flower vase and aquariums. However there are times the glass was almost not strong enough to handle what it’s meant to handle and it almost led to very terrifying consequences.

Join us as we walk you through 8 times the glass was almost not strong enough

1. Tiger behind a glass


A lot of zoos prefer to use glass to enclose their animals instead of steel bars so you can have a safer view of it but what if it doesn’t hold?

Here a man is clearly seen standing near a tiger enclosure without a care in the world when the tiger starts slowly moving towards him after crossing the water in front of it, this happens and a lot of people in the background are eagerly waiting for what the tiger was going to do . The tiger then realises it was close enough to attack and goes for it merely hitting the glass. It still lingers further maybe trying to assess the situation but it still couldn’t make head or tails out of the barrier in front of it

The tiger then decides it wasn’t really worth it and backs away, I’m very sure the tiger had enough power to break that glass if it really wanted to, making it the top on our list of times the glass was almost not strong enough.

2. Lion behind the glass


Lions are apex predators but are sometimes very opportunistic which means they’ll gladly pick an easy meal any day which in this case involves a child. Here in the video, a child is placed in front of a glass with a lion behind it trying to get its hands or rather, paws on the oblivious child, it scratches and scratches the glass and even tries to bite the child but couldn’t seem to reach it.

The video is somehow funny if you’re looking at the effort of the lion but isn’t really funny when you imagine how much faith the parents had on that glass. What if something bad happened?

3. Markhor Vs glass


Markhors are a species of goats that have a corkscrew style of horn and are very aggressive. This particular goat was just newly brought into the enclosure and was still studying the environment, most especially because Animals always find it hard to get used to transparent glass.

The goat tries to make his escape through the glass by repeatedly smashing it with it’s powerful horns but it’s effort were futile against the futuristic equipment. It still persists and after a few minutes it gives up but a lot of scratches could be seen on the glass, even a tiny crack!

4. Monkey Vs glass


Monkeys are very intelligent Animals and in most cases a good prison break relies more on brains than brawns.

This particular video is quite peculiar because the monkey actually made a very huge crack on the glass but dosent make its way to the top of the list because of how it acted after.

This monkey had been planning it’s escape for a long time and chose that particular day to implement it. Instead of going for the muscles approach and hit the glass with it’s arms like the others, it actually used a stone to continuously hit the glass until he was able to give it a large crack. This freaked out the zookeepers and the monkey even more as it quickly ran away from the scene. Luckily nobody was harmed and no animals escaped, also, a much stronger glass was used to replace the cracked one.

5. Shark vs cage


A lot of us have heard of or even at some point experienced the adventures of a shark cage and for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s actually an enclosure that keeps you safe as you explore the territory of sharks but it’s disadvantage is that it kinda obscures your vision so you can’t see the sharks clearly at all angles that’s why a ghost cage was invented to give you a 360 degree view of your environment.

This diver however got the shock of his life when he noticed a couple of great white sharks circling around him in a menacing manner. They kept on hitting the entrance of the cage while the diver struggled to keep the door shut, they even almost managed to get in but there wasn’t much room in there so the diver was able to push them out.

I don’t know if I’m correct but that guy’s never going back into the water again.

6. Bear and wind shield


Okay this may not be in a zoo but windshield is made out of glass so technically it also counts.

A man and his dog where driving towards a park in Carlifornia when they went face to face with a bear, they decided the best thing to do was to stop the car and admire it from the comfort of their, Car?

What they thought would happen was that the bear would just stick around and then go away but that was one hungry bear. The bear started moving very close and even climbed halfway onto the bonnet of the car, thank goodness the entire car was closed or it couldn’t have ended well. Also, the occupants were very lucky the bear didn’t try to smash into the windshield because an adult human could smash a windshield let alone a bear.

7. Another Lion Vs glass


Lions seem to really hate captivity the most which is why it’s coming twice on this list. Here the lion can be seen looking rather calm and relaxed while the girl in front of the glass is staring at the lion, the girl is later distracted and turns around then the lion which quickly seizes the opportunity charges at the girl with all its got but fortunately was stopped by the thickness of the glass.

Another amazing factor here is the speed the lion has and exhibited in the video, just watch it again and you’ll see what I’m talking about. If you also notice you’ll find out the toddler was also crying, I’m sure she realized it was far different from the ones in her coloring book.

8. Rhino vs zebra car


This particular rhino wasn’t too happy about his move to Germany and really didn’t enjoy the change of environment too well. This clearly shows in this video where a driver drives a zebra car into the rhino’s territory but the rhino wasn’t in the mood for visitors, it charged aggressively at the car and flipped it over twice.

Luckily the rhino decided to move on and leave the car alone. It sometimes shows how much we humans can sometimes become at the mercy of these wild animals. (It may not be a zoo glass but it’s a windshield so it deserves a spot on the list of times the glass was almost not strong enough)

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