5 Dumbest things people have done for youtube

Youtube is a complete civilization on its own where people make certain decisions and are either rewarded or punished for it.

This however tends to get people obsessed with seeking approval from others that they end up doing unimaginably stupid things for likes and views. Get ready to face palm (hard) as I walk you through 5 dumbest things people have done for YouTube

1. The Moose Rider:

Dumbest things people have done for youtube This is just a case of both animal cruelty/endangerment and sheer, raw stupidity.

In the year 2015, a report was made to the COS about a guy trying to ride a moose; on water! The lake could be identified as Tuchodi lake, near the town of Fort Nelson, BC

The guy could be clearly seen standing on a boat, facing a moose (don’t know how the moose got into the water) in an attempt to jump from the boat onto the moose and try to ride it.

He eventually jumped on the moose and the obviously startled moose panicked and kept thrashing the water, trying to get him off its back.

The guy and his accomplice shared a good laugh for a short while before the moose eventually got him off.

Himself and his cohort were charged with 3 counts under the wildlife act for;

  • harassing wild life,
  • attempting to capture wildlife, and
  • hunting a large game that’s swimming.

Hopefully he got what he deserved.

2. Casper Knight

Dumbest things people have done for youtube This one was just sad, sad and awfully stupid.

Casper Knight, a rapper wanted to build up publicity for his music video, and instead of, I don’t know, paying a few bucks to radio stations and media houses to promote it, he decided to shoot himself on the face.

In the video, he could clearly be seen laughing with a bloody face, as he rated the pain a 4 out of 10.

The video rightfully got a lot of backlash, with people calling the stunt unnecessary and idiotic. Well, he got the desired effect if you ask me.

3. White house visitor:

Dumbest things people have done for youtube This just goes to show that not even one of the most protected places on the planet is safe from stupidity.

This fan of pokemon had a very crazy plan. His plan was to jump over the white house fence and film himself running around the premises for as long as he could in hopes of going viral on the internet.

He was able to jump over the fence and could be seen running around in a Pickachu hat, holding a Pickachu plush toy. The secret service eventually emerged, flashed their weapon and instructed him to get down.

He was finally escorted out of the premises. Well, he didn’t really hurt anyone, so, do you think it was worth it?

4. Brad Holmes

Dumbest things people have done for youtube

This guy is both a mega jerk and a selfish clown. Brad wanted internet fame so bad that he decided to get it at his girlfriend’s expense.

Brad filmed himself cutting his girlfriend’s hair—as a prank! This received a lot of backlash with people verbally attacking him, and calling his behavior abusive.

Apart from this, Brad had also on one occasion, filmed himself proposing to his girlfriend, only for her to realize it was all a prank. What kind of guy does that?

5. The Fire challenge

Dumbest things people have done for youtube This is probably the crowned jewel of this list. The fire challenge was a trend that exploded across social media.

The trend had to do with people setting a part of their bodies on fire and then trying to put it out immediately.

Teens and even adults took part in the challenge, however, a particular 16yr old wasn’t so lucky.

The boy poured nail polish remover all over his chest and lit himself on fire. He wasn’t quick to turn it off and he landed in the hospital with 3rd degree burns.

That’s all for now guys, and remember; no amount of fame is worth your life.

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