11 Most dangerous Animals in Australia

A lot comes to our minds when we think of Australia, it’s natural beauty, famous celebrities and cricketers and a wide variety of animals which may not be too common in other parts of the world.

Some of them are friendly and downright cute while some are extremely dangerous and we should do ourselves good to stay away from them. Now before you completely cross Australia off your tour, we’re bringing you the 11 most dangerous animals in Australia.

1. The box Jellyfish

11 Most dangerous Animals in Australia
If you see these creatures, run as fast as you can and never look back. Out of the 81 deaths reported due to Jellyfish attack, 79 of them are caused by the box Jellyfish.

These creatures love to come out in the summer which is usually the times people go to the river to take a nice swim. Once it sets it’s target on you, it stings you with it’s 2feet long tentacles which have sharp harpoon like objects towards the tip, this delivers a lethal venom that can stop your heart in minutes.

2. Bees

11 Most dangerous Animals in Australia Of course we know that bees are naturally dangerous if you mess with them but you’re probably asking if they’re dangerous enough to be on this list, I’m shocked to assure you that they are.

You see; bees tend to get very overprotective and increasingly territorial especially in areas like Australia where humans at so many occasions interact with animals.

About 2% of Australians are allergic to bee sting which could then develop into a reaction that will shut up their wind pipes and kill them. Non allergic people are however not entirely safe because a swarm of bees will kill you even if you’re not allergic to them.

3. Cone snail

11 Most dangerous Animals in Australia I was kinda astonished to hear that even snails could get deadly, well I should have expected something like that in Australia. This snail is aquatic and hunts for it’s prey at the floor of the ocean by shooting a spear like object to take down it’s prey.

The venom is researched to be up to 1,000 times stronger than morphine which is kind of a good thing because it can be reverse engineered to create potent pain killers.

One sting of this snail is powerful enough to kill up to 15people but fortunately there have not been any reported death since the past 70 years, people have been clearly advised to never pick them up no matter how cute they look.

4. The stone fish

11 Most dangerous Animals in Australia The stone fish as the name implies looks like a rock which is beneficial to it’s hunting and safety because it helps it to camouflage and blend in with it’s environment. It has a lot of spikes covering it’s body and are sharp enough to penetrate or go through rubber boots.

The spikes leave victims in agonizing pain and if the stabbing occurs on the chest or abdomen then it’s bye bye for you. Apart from the ones mentioned above, the pain like I said is agonizing, so agonizing that victims actually beg for the area to be cut off, imagine that!

Other symptoms involve paralysis, death of muscles in that area and heart failure. A truly gruesome superpower for an extremely ugly looking fish.

5. Blue ringed octopus


This guy loves to spend time underwater and like other octopuses, are generally calm, but when they get agitated their blue rings become clearly visible and it’s a clear sign you should stay away, far away! Check it out

Their venoms contain a cocktail of neurotoxins that will take away your ability to breathe! And one sting is enough to kill 10 people.

Another terrible part of it all is the fact that no antivenom has been made so if you’re stung by it, there’s really nothing doctors can do to help you. However, nobody has died since the 1960s.

6. Bull sharks

11 Most dangerous Animals in AustraliaThis list would never be complete without at least one shark in it. The bull shark is more deadly than the great white shark and they live in fresh or salt water.

In Australia, the Brisbane river is full of these sharks, both young and pregnant females, these category of sharks get hungry very easily so unless you don’t want to be shark food, I suggest you either stay very careful in this river or, which is the safest, don’t swim in this river.

7. Kangaroo

11 Most dangerous Animals in Australia These hopping marsupials may be cute but they account for close to 5% of deaths that happen in Australia. They don’t really go after humans and kill them, it’s actually usually by accident.

Kangaroos have been known to hop at full speeds on highways without minding the consequences of a car crash. Drivers see this and since they were already driving at full speed making it difficult to hit the brakes, they either hit the kangaroos which causes injuries for both sides or the drivers in an attempt to swerve ends up hitting something much bigger like a building, an electric pole or a tree which ends up causing damages to their cars and ultimately to themselves.

8. Salt water crocodiles

11 Most dangerous Animals in Australia Australia is home to a lot of crocodiles and countless attacks from them, the salt water crocodile being the king. It’s said to be able to completely submerge itself for up to 24hrs without resurfacing and they’re so good at camouflaging that for every one you see, 10 others are definitely hidden.

They are not afraid of us and unlike most Animals don’t mind eating humans, even if there are alternatives, yikes! What is more unfortunate is the fact that they target mostly children that go to swim in their territory because they are easy to bite and drag down into the river while making a meal out of them.

In some cases, the families of the attacked usually go at far lengths to find the bodies of their loved ones which sometimes results in the death of these creatures.

9. Sydney Funnel Web Spider

11 Most dangerous Animals in Australia You’re looking at the deadliest spider in the world and it lives in Sydney. It has been known to have multiple confrontation with humans right into their own homes and they are extremely aggressive with a character of rearing up on its hind legs when anyone provokes it.

It has a bite so strong it can penetrate your fingernail and leave traces of its stinger in your flesh which is always very difficult to remove afterwards. It’s bite is laden with a substance known as Atraxotoxin which travels into the respiratory system as fast as 5minutes resulting in swelling, muscle spasms, and lastly heart and respiratory failure. Sorry kids, you’re not gonna turn into Spiderman anytime soon.

10. Taipan

11 Most dangerous Animals in Australia Coming just after the deadliest spider in the world is the deadliest snake in the world. One bite from this thing can kill up to 100 people and 253,000 mice, luckily they are calm snakes and would rather live in isolated areas except for it’s cousin the Coastal Taipan which lives near civilization and is quite aggressive.

When it’s threatened, it’s known to curl up and if you’re smart, that should be a warning you should take seriously. If you continue disturbing it, it will without hesitation attack you with it’s venom capable of causing paralysis of muscle tissue, severe pains, stroke, internal bleeding and respiratory failure and these happens all at thesame Time.

A victim was lucky to be alive after he got bitten back in the year 2013 while he was working at a construction site by an inland Taipan and was convulsing seriously within minutes.

11. Dingo

11 most dangerous animals in australia If you don’t like dogs then you’ll really hate this species of wild dogs that are actually quite famous in Australia for their mischief.

They’ve been known to Target little children because they’re least likely to resist and can even go as far as breaking into houses to do just that.

A father of a 14 month old child said these dogs broke into his trailer house and attacked his daughter, when he got to the scene, a dingo had his baby’s head in between it’s jaws and were probably planning on crushing it.

The man was able to rescue his daughter but she suffered a fractured skull, at least she made it alive and the parents were luckier than a couple back in the year 1980 whose baby was kidnapped by a dingo and dragged far away from their residence.

The parents reported the issue to the law enforcement agencies but they bluntly disbelieved them and accused them of murdering their own child and disposing her, they were ultimately sentenced and were serving jail time when the bloody clothes of the child was later found near a dingo territory, you can tell the story from there. I can only imagine what the parents went through.

Besides all that was mentioned, Australia is a very beautiful place, just stay away from the crocodiles, spiders, sharks, dingos…. you get the idea.

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